camel blazer from melani, brown and tan mesh top from marni’s room, grey shorts, brown mary janes from charles david exchange (available at sundae at the collective), cocktail ring from forever 21

 Yesterday was the last studio taping for the morning talk show Simply KC. Spent almost 6 months on this project wherein we tape 5 (or more!) episodes once a week for two whole seasons, with the same set of people, thus making good-bye bittersweet. I mean, it’s not like we’re not gonna see each other forever, coz we still work together every Sunday for The Buzz but it’s not the same as spending the entire day together: working, sharing meals, making kwento. Okay, enough drama, more pictures 🙂

 KC with her guests: Kim Chiu and Matt Evans
the gorgeous KC Concepcion and her equally gorgeous Fendi peep-toes
i just had to take a photo of Kim and her Fruitz by Philip Stein watch which i covet
some of my favorite abs-cbn people: Andette, Erick, Patch, Sweet

with Carmi (KC’s make-up artist) and Puff (KC’s assistant) 

Carms being all weepy. cute!
PS: Carms also told me that her dad saw us in one of the episodes. I was so shocked coz when we sit at the audience area, we always sit behind the cameras and it was the area, we were told, that never gets shown. I searched it on youtube when I got home, and lo and behold, there we were.

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