Monday, November 8, 2010

hi's and happy birthdays

Wednesday was a loooong day. had the artistic photoshoot of miss resorts world and guess who we got to work with again?! BELLE!!! it was so much fun working with her again, we super missed her!!! she's currently on leave but she took this one day to help us out.

donna, belle, reg, rudolph

after the shoot, i killed an hour in mega mall before meeting up with my friends in uncle moe's. it was a special dinner coz our friend Bixie is back from new york!

welcome back, little lady bix!!
 them boys: renzo, gio, arnold
us girls: bix, me, ka-te

afterwards, i crossed less than 30 steps to the reserve to celebrate ina and ingrid's birthday.
roxas cousins represent: ingrid, me, luigi, miguel
with miguel and ingrid
my cousin and his girlfriend aila wearing a skirt from PLF
with ingrid's fab friend nicky
finally saw our dear friend erin after the longest time!

it was such a long and full day that i think my outfit got a lot of mileage, haha. 
eggshell scarf borrowed from mom, printed shear button-up top from BKK, denim shorts from bubblegum, fringe boots from BKK, gifted bag

i'll try to share more pictures when they upload :)

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