Friday, November 26, 2010


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knitted bolero jacket from mango, vneck sweater from terranova, cutout booties from parisian

Wanted to wear an outfit completely different from my usual looks. Went for the prairie girl in the fall look and tried something new: knit on knit. I kept the palette very simple with blues and neutrals and used varied knit size to make it cohesive. It's different but it still has that Reg-touch.

I missed Rudolph!!! After being roomies in Thunderbird, we had like 5 day apart although it felt like forever! I guess we got pretty used to seeing each other everyday. I'm so excited for Donna's wedding so the 3 of us age-group-mates will be together again!<3

1) with Rudolph and Luis and the current batch of styling students
2) the many faces of Rudolph
3) Kim, Issa and Tedrick steaming; interns/fashion designers Noelle and Mikka; me and Emar in blue v-neck knits

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