My friend Marla and I went to Vinyl on Vinyl’s one year anniversary last Friday. We had a blast checking out the eye-popping cassette tapes on display. And no, these aren’t your ordinary cassette tapes.    Made by artists Marcushiro Nada, Lala Gallardo, Whoop, Nemo, Nelz Yumul, Arvin Javier, Dex Fernandez, Froilan Calayag, Chester Calayag, Shimmy Shimmy Yah, Zeus Bascon, Darrel Balesteros, Rommel Celtespara, Dave Lock, Keith Dador, Dana Francisco, Dino Lopez, Nico Lopez, Apol Sta. Maria, JP Cuison, Tripp63, Jeffrey Sisican, Dale Lopez, Ungga, Mara Reyes, Okto, Jerik Robleza, Renan Morales, Chichimonster, dirty1, KD, kuxmux and ekis (whew, that’s a lot!) you’ll surely enjoy going around the gallery and taking in all the astounding modern art. Marla and I enjoyed the phootobooth too, haha!
{semisheer black top, zebra shorts from Thailand, necklace from Anagon Collection, rings from Forever 21, Janylin booties}

Here are the photos from the event. Enjoy the picture spam! I suggest you go to Vinyl on Vinyl at The Collective (Malugay street, Makati City) to see these works for yourself coz my point and shoot doesn’t do them justice. 🙂
Vinyl on Vinyl co-owner and make-up artist Pia Reyes
lemon pepper and garlic parmesan wings from wingman, mmm!
at reserve with Ingrid
francis dropped by to say hi
Around this time every year, Mar and I go out just the two of us coz all the others aren’t free. It’s turning into some kind of tradition now, haha!


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  1. Those cassettes are out-of-this-world. So cool! And your boots are so chic, they'd go well with most outfits.

    P.S. Thanks for the comment 🙂 Nice to see another Filipina blogging! Heehee Am now a follower.

  2. Great outfits! You look amazing! I am sure you had a great time!
    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment for me. I follow you from now and I hope I will see you in my blog again soon.

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