After the Jewelmer eventDonna and I were dropped off Robinson’s Galleria for the Topshop reopening. It was a real pleasure to attend as Topshop has always been a favorite of mine. I’ve always adored the high street brand’s effortless style mixmatch of girly and edgy pieces that is so distinctly British chic. I’m not alone in the Topshop love as the massive store was jampacked during its May 27 unveiling.
RSSI’s Michelle Buencamino
our PFW model, Alex Pain, spinning
the epitome of downtown chic
with Jerella
Donna and I’s favorite!!!
the shorts I wanted but didn’t want bad enough 
love love love the Bizu treats served
I was actually craving for this earlier today and made my way to the nearest Bizu branch but it turns out I have to pre-order it. 🙁 This is the yummiest!!!
cheers to Topshop! (and Bizu, nomnomnom)
Do check out the latest from Topman and Topshop by heading to the branch nearest you! If you can spare the gas, I suggest you check out the country’s current flagship: Robinson’s Galleria 🙂

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