During a dinner I recently attended, glutathione entered the conversation. Most people think it’s just for those who want to have whiter skin, but really, it goes beyond that. It makes skin healthier, even giving off a vibrant glow. So, as much as I love my beach tan, the allure of that *glow* was something I can’t say no to. 
Enter Gluta-C. I was invited to a pampering session at Freyja Spa, together with other bloggers, a couple of weeks ago. Was looking forward to it, but unfortunately, at the last minute, I wasn’t able to go. Judging from my blog sisters’ entries, it looked like a really fun event and I missed out on the bonding and pampering. Thankfully, the people of Ardent World Inc. was nice enough to send over products. 🙂

Gluta-C, as the name suggests, combines the power of Glutathione and Vitamin C. Together, it results in intense whitening with multiple anti-aging benefits which brings your skin to its maximum whitening potential. How? It 1) Intensely whitens 2) Reduces skin dullness, 3) Minimizes fine lines & wrinkles and pores, 4) Softens and smoothens skin, 5) Moisturizes skin, 6) Gives oil control, and 7) Protects against environmental damage. Best part is, it has a non-greasy feel. Oh, and did I mention it also features Glycostech – a quick and effective penetration of the skin using patented French technology? :p

Below are the simple steps to start off your Gluta-C regimen. These products are available in leading department stores, supermarkets and selected drugstores nationwide. 

And here’s their endorser:

Will try it for myself soon – I think it’s time to even out my beach burns. :p Looking forward to seeing the glow!

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