So I dyed my hair for the millionth time last week. Why? Coz I was bored. πŸ™‚ I even have a corny joke when asked what the color is.. I say “natural” hahaha wala lang. During the holiday, I had a girls’ day out with my highschool galpals Irish and Marla. We had lunch at Saint Honore Clubhouse, had Zentea, then finally settled in at Orange Blush. It was a day of good conversations, girl bonding, good food and much needed pampering. πŸ™‚ Light hair, light food, light company – I definitely went light that day πŸ˜‰

I’m still not used to seeing Ish drive!

Mar and I were saying how weird it is coz it was Irish’s driver, Kuya Peps, who usually drives us since we were in second year high school – 8 years ago!

first stop was Saint Honore Clubhouse. remember I talked about it here? Well they have a branch much nearer to my place now, it’s in Sct. Borromeo cor Samar street πŸ™‚

badly wanted the carbonara but since I’m on a diet (I gained 15lbs during #europe2011, the horror!) I just recommended it to Marla

Ish had pesto..

and I had salad

but then it was bitin so I got mushrooms too

some framed sights from France

all Christmas-cozy πŸ™‚

Santa waving us off, haha 

Zentea! I missed this πŸ™‚

our before photo πŸ™‚

tada! πŸ™‚

If you’re in the Timog area, please do visit these places out! Saint Honore Clubhouse is in Sct. Borromeo cor Samar street, and Orange Blush and Zentea are in Mother Ignacia street at the MIP foodcourt right across ABS-CBN.

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