15 March 2012


{PLF outfit}

This spontaneous night led to a spur of the moment sleepover at Ingrid's. Didn't have any clothes with me so I got to raid her closet (!!!) yet I still ended up with a PLF ensemble coz I'm loyal like that, haha just kidding. Was totally eying her salmon maxi skirt but we were pressed for time so I just grabbed the most foolproof pieces and the nearest to me at that. :P

After going to the mall for lunch, we went back to her house and then visited the village dog park with our cousins and Kenji, the cutest dachshund ever. Also met 4 super cute huskies and 1 fluffy chowchow there :)

Kenji meets the huskies

stranger danger, lol

this cutie's name is Zach. didn't really know til then that siberian huskies were really malambing

I want a white chowchow!! It reminds me of a baby polar bearrrr!!! *gigil mode hahaha*

with Nadine

Ingrid Poppins hahaha

with Ingrid

So that was my Sunday. :) By the way, these pictures are all from my phone. Pretty good job, HTC! :P

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  1. I love your top!! :)
    And Ate Ingrid's dress, too!!

    BTW, Im a dog lover!! So this post really made me happy. Haha!

    God bless, ate reg!

    The Teenage Queen

    xx Feel free to join my giveaway!! http://thediaryofateenagequeen.blogspot.com/2012/03/pochi-giveaway-whats-your-color.html?showComment=1331819709538#c8001204683474130117 xx

  2. love the top - cute


  3. Akala ko kung sino nasa first pic haha! Btw, adore that top. I've been looking for a top like that kasi takot akong i-DIY tops ko haha! And awesome photos from HTC. Yun din camera ko eh, kahit 3MP lang :))

    Almira :)


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