Saturday, March 17, 2012



{PLF snakeskin blazer, bangkok dress, wholesaledress shoes}

Living in a tropical country, weather forecasts of rain and dark clouds get me excited to pile on the layers. It's like my autumn days in Europe only better coz I have my full closet and the cold isn't really biting so it doesn't always have to be something paired with a big buttoned down coat. Plus, layered outfits are always fool proof. Most of the time, it can lead you from day to night - just like this particular one. I'll give you a recap of my Wednesday:

shooting the beautiful Alex Escat in the morning, followed by a meeting at 2pm
then met with MauRudolph, and Mikka to get our crepe fix at Cafe Breton
Mikka and I's neon nails
then met with Ia to support...
Tita Dita Sandico Ong
in the asianTraveler 10th year launch hosted by Kelly Misa
with a performance by Garrie Concepcion
and Tessa Prieto-Valdes being one of the guests of honor
it was held at Prive over at the Fort Strip
Carlo, David, Monch, Ia

pieces by Dita Sandico Ong lined the hallway
close-up of the mannequins
Ia and Tita Dita
make-up artist Carlo Cannu (winner siya magkilay!! hahaha)
Ivan and his super cool Ilocos fabric necktie! Buy from him!
cheers to asianTraveler and Dita Sandico Ong! :D
we then ate at Caffe Puccini
and tried persuading *someone* to eat (to no avail haha)
last stop was The Collective where us crazy kids decided to play sardines :)) HAHA
(last nega thought: my missing phooooone!!!!)

...and this was just Wednesday. ;)


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  1. You look so beautiful! I love the dress that you are wearing! I just found your blog and following you now (:

  2. lovely pics!! I like your shoes <3


  3. I love love love your outfit!
    :) You're always so pretty, miss reg!!

    Xx Join my blog giveaway! xX


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