Remember my afternoon with Sexy Solutions? It had a Part 2. This time, I actually got to try out their services, yay! I’ve packed on a lot of extra pounds during my #europe2011 stint (case in point) and although I’ve dropped a few during my recent Singapore trip, I haven’t really been able to shed all of it. So to make a long story short, yes, I really wanted to try this. 🙂

My visit started with a consultation with Ms. Diane who explained to me what Sexy Solutions is and what are the treatments available.  We then discussed which area we’ll be using the treatments on and agreed to just target my stubborn love handles. 
She explained that one of the reasons why Sexy Solutions is more effective than their competitors is because the Nutrition and Fitness experts, Nadine Tengco and Edward Mendez respectively, designed their programs to complement the treatments. Since our organs are working harder to excrete the extrawastes from the melted fat, certain foods should be consumed more or consumed less so as to aid in the process. 
Okay, let’s start 🙂
here’s a picture of the treatment room in their Il Terrazo branch

a closer look at the machines, the one in the middle is for Lipo Cavitation and the one on the right is for Multi Firm and Body Sculpt. Those were the three treatments I tried that day.
Lipo cavitation breaks down the stubborn fat cells in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, arms, upper and lower back by delivering sound waves using low frequency ultrasound causing the fat to seep out of the fat cells, making it easier to flush out through the lymphatic system. They start by putting gel over the target area then they’ll maneuver the device all over it. For this part, you’ll hear a buzzing sound so don’t freak out, haha
Multi firm uses radio frequency heat to improve the appearance of cellulite and stretchmarks. As a result, the body becomes reshaped and retightened. The warmth emitted by the device against the coolness of the gel surprisingly felt really good. At this point, I actually fell asleep. :))
Body Sculpt uses energy pulses that are sent to the muscles to promote contractions similar to exercise, causing a “squeezing” effect that is necessary for the acceleration of liquid fat drainage. It also improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and fat metabolism. The squeezing effect you’ll feel is somewhat like that of suction cups but it’s not painful at all. 
They measured me before and after and whoa-my-goddd I lost a total of 4.1 inches that one session!!! 0.6 on my upper waist, 2.9 on my midwaist, and 0.6 on my lower waist. Bongga!! I really recommend you guys try out these treatments for yourself. It’s a bit pricey (P12,000 for lipo cavitation, P9,000 for multi firm, P4,500 for body sculpt) but it’s effective and you’ll see and feel the results right away. Plus, it’s not painful at all! And if you’re familiar with the 5-star Belo service, you’ll feel right at home in Sexy Solutions where they treat you like royalty the moment you walk in the door. If I had it my way, I’ll definitely Sexy Solutionize again soon 😉


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  1. Oh wow. I haven't really tried that and I haven't really seen it being done but seeing the photos makes me feel like I was there! Lol.

    I'm not really up for it since I don't think I need it, but if its worth it then I guess it's all good. 🙂

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