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I see my boyfriend literally everyday (the downside/perks of being in the same company) and I am really pleased (and relieved!) to report that we haven’t gotten sick of each other (yet). Over half a year of dating, I still find myself looking forward to time spent together – be it bumming or going out. 🙂 Apart from the lazy Masterchef days, spontaneous dinners and impromptu movies, I especially like date nights. I think it’s a crucial aspect to any relationship. Yes, spontaneity is good but I think it’s also important to actually arrange and set a date. Date nights require a bit more effort in the sense that you block your schedule and you plan – where are you going, what are you going to do, when, what time, etc. Effort shows value, who doesn’t want to be valued? It’s always good to know that you’re both willing to make time for each other. Plus, an up side to scheduling is that you’re both assured 95% undivided attention minimum (unless of course you or your date is a douche). And honestly, dates, conversations, and even kissing are only great if both parties are 100% into it. 

Sooo.. In case you guys are stuck in a rut and need ideas for your next date (or you just appreciate really good food), let me share with you one of my current favorite eateries – Supply & Demand.

Supply and Demand is a Bisto & Rooftop bar with an extensive Italian and Peruvian menu. We have yet to try their Peruvian menu but it involves choosing a protein and letting the chef surprise you.
we stayed indoors during our first visit and I am personally a fan of the industrial/rustic/cozy vibe of the place.
quattro formaggio
carbonara classico. it’s hard finding carbonara sans cream these days and I’m glad they have this on their menu

I take it back, I’ve tried something from the Peruvian side of the bistro- the strawberry pisco. Hey, the menu said there’s nothing more Peruvian than pisco 😉
the S&D molten chocolate cake. although it didn’t run as I’d hoped, it was still gooey and yummy.
well said, Julia Child, well said. Lucky for me, I have the best people around 🙂
we took advantage of the breeze and cool weather and stayed outside on our second visit.
was picking on my date’s plate the first time when he ordered the al funghi. Found something better the second time around – the pancetta e funghi. 5 stars for this dish!
salmone affumicato
madagascar vanilla gelato. so yummy you can even see the beans!
the Sochi hockey championship game was on that night and we both really enjoyed watching it from the comforts of our couch.

see our super comfy and super full faces, haha!
Supply & Demand @ Esplanade, Colours By The Bay. 8 Raffles Avenue, #01-13, Singapore, Singapore


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