Boracay, 01-04 May 2014 {wearing: cesa fringe bikini, cotton on sunnies / h&m maillot, rayban sunnies}

Here’s a Boracay photo diary before I bombard you with Manila/Bali posts. I’ve never been to LaBoracay before and after this one, I’m never going back again. I like my Boracay a calm paradise where I can get my chocobanana shake and my calamansi muffin in peace. Parties? Let’s face it, I don’t get enough “practice” here in Singapore and my once indestructible tolerance has plummeted to new lows. My actual journey to Boracay was an intense emotional roller coaster that involved delayed flights and a subsequent missed flight. It involved a morning in Terminal 3 just bargaining with God to please get me on a flight, any flight, to Caticlan or Kalibo within the day as a chance passenger. It was very stressful!! All the more coz my Singaporean boyfriend, whose first time it was in the islands, was already in Kalibo since the day before and his battery was running low, and he had to make his way alone to Boracay or else our hotel will be forfeited. Talk about major stress!!
I was already in a foul mood when I arrived but luckily, arriving alone has its perks. I was able to squeeze in the free Viber shuttle to my hotel while everyone else had to wait for a tricycle. That alleviated my mood as well as seeing our beautiful beach front. It was my first time to stay in Station 3 and I was pleasantly surprised. It was the calm paradise Station 1 is on low-peak season. Station 1 during LaBoracay is a riot, and I’m glad I didn’t insist on staying there. The beach outside our hotel, Villa Caemilla, was so serene that we spent most afternoons in the water. A first for me, since I normally shy away from the ocean. 
All in all, LaBoracay was too much unnecessary stress for me. I’m so glad we found a piece of the Boracay I’ve loved and known in our little corner of the island. It was also a pleasure bumping into some friends I’ve missed. I’m really looking forward to coming back to my calm paradise of an island soon though! I am still craving for my chocobanana shake and calamansi muffins. 

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