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Wheee! It’s October! Really excited for this month coz not only are there 2 public holidays, I have 2 private holidays as well! Yes! Yes! YESSSS!! *happy dance* Looking forward to flying off although my wallet isn’t as pleased (it’s crying in pain, if you must know). Why must I be so awfully wanderlust-struck?!!!!

Okay, I’m being overdramatic, It’s not actually as inconvenient. Aside from the recent aviation tragedies, generally speaking, now is a good time for air travel. With the number of planes going around the globe, the statistics for a safe flight is still high. Accidents are an exception, not the rule. Moreover, I think we are enjoying really competitive rates and travel has become much more affordable. I say this as comparison to the previous decades where only the “super rich” could fly. Now, thanks to budget carriers and seat sales (and the advancement of technology and infrastructures), the “okays” can fly too! Talk about fuel to my wanderlust fire. 🙂

Plain and simple, I like experiencing different things. I enjoy sceneries that are unlike the ones I’m used to. I like discovering new sights, new sounds, and yes, new tastes. Traveling is something that recharges me. It fills me up and at the same time unveils more parts of me that need to be enriched. It’s a never ending thirst but I’m not really complaining because not only do I like going places, I like the places itself too. Every destination has its own unique soul. Some reveal itself instantaneously  while some require you to stay a little bit longer for it to manifest. Of course comparisons between Place A and Place B is inevitable, but later on you realize that it is possible love and appreciate both, simultaneously, without lessening that for the other. No “I wanna sing a song, that’d be just ours but I sang ’em all to another heart♬” here. :p

Aside from exploring foreign soils, another thing I love about traveling is dundundun going home. There’s nothing like letting out that first sigh of relief when you’re safely back, embraced by the familiar. It’s comfortable and it feels right. Photo above was from such a day in Manila last June. Excited to blog on that soon! Cliche as it is, home is where the heart is. Fortunately enough, “home” for me isn’t confined to just one place. 😉

Oh and PS, below is the song referenced in this entry. Enjoy!

Another Love (Zwette Edit) – Tom Odell


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