Our second day in Hong Kong was reserved for Victoria Peak. It was actually my first time to go up! Navigating from Jordan to the peak and seeing more of Hong Kong is what made me want to immerse deeper but unfortunately, it was also our last half day as we were sailing off to Macau that very afternoon. I know, I know, people normally stay longer in Hong Kong and visit Macau for a night but I thought since we’ve been to Hong Kong before and have never been in Macau, it would be okay. I was wronnnggg! Not that you can do away with time in Macau but that Hong Kong deserves more than a night. Next time, next time. šŸ™‚

We started our day with breakfast at Oak Tree Ristorante, the in-house restaurant of Hotel Rainbow. The spread didn’t look like much but!!! my mom and I really enjoyed it! We loooove salami and cold cuts, and although we quickly wrote this one off upon seeing it, the first bite was wow. The fresh jam was also very good. It was 99% my type of breakfast, with the missing 1% attributed to the lack of croissants.

We then took the MTR from Jordan to Central, and then walked our way to the Tram Station. I’m so proud of my mom for being so game with this! šŸ™‚

We arrived considerably early at The Peak Tram yet there was already a queue. It wasn’t as long and wild, and we were able to get into our carriage and ascend roughly 15 minutes upon arrival. The knickknacks on the side were quite interesting too.

First stop, Madame Tussauds! Here’s a tip –  buy a ticket for the day’s first time slot online. It’s cheaper, you save yourself the hassle of a long tram queue, and you get the museum pretty much to yourself. I booked the 10:00-11:00 time slot for HKD144/pax as compared to the 11:00 onwards time slot which is HKD192/pax. If you can save HKD48, why not right!? Not to fret though, the time slot is actually the time you’re supposed to arrive, and you aren’t limited to an hour. Heck, you can stay as long as you want. So yes, my tip for Madame Tussauds Hong Kong – go for the earliest time slot! Save money and save time. šŸ™‚


Quite obvious how my mom and I enjoyed, noh? Haha! It was actually my first time to visit Madame Tussauds. Nice to have gone with Ma coz I first learned about the museum’s existence when I saw ticket stubs in her old photo albums. šŸ™‚  Saw this super cool booth outside too. Basically, these cubbies are for specific dates in the coming year. You put a post card inside and they will only mail it on that day. It’s like a physical future me letter. šŸ™‚ Who said postcards are dying!? YES TO MORE POSTCARDS AND SNAIL MAIL! 

Next up was Pacific Coffee. I’m so glad I read Tripadvisor prior to going because it lead me to this spot with killer views that don’t cost a fortune. The iced coffee was okay, perfect for the warm weather. But the view, oh the view.?

We did a quick stroll around the Peak before heading down. The peak tram has gone a long way! 100 years to be exact. It was nice to take part in such a long standing tradition and testament of the city’s technological advances. So glad we came early coz the lines going up to peak were loooong and it was much warmer in the waiting area too.

A seasoned traveler knows that there’s always a point of interest in every corner. She knows that she can’t plan everything, thus, she maintains flexibility in her itinerary. This is a case of that. šŸ˜‰ My mom and I stepped inside St. Andrew’s Cathedral for a bit on our trek down. It was such a pretty Anglican church that boasts of an airy architecture.
We then continued back to our hotel, grabbed a quick dimsum lunch, and headed to the ferry terminal for the second leg of this trip.
 Til next time, Hong Kong!!!

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