Living and working in the farthest of Singapore’s far East, I’ve always frequented White Sands for my essentials. Heck, even before living in Pasir Ris, I would go to White Sands after work to shop in NTUC and Cotton On because it was conveniently located next to the MRT. Recently though, it underwent works and renovations so like most residents, I’ve been feeling a sort of emptiness from being White Sands-less. I mean, come on, bring me back my Pepper Lunch and ang mo (American, hehe!) Pringles from Valu$!! :'( But like the saying goes, good things fall apart so better things can fall in place. And guess what!? It’s already starting to fall in place!

The revamp may not yet be completed, but I urge you to go inside and check out the new and improved White Sands. They’ve been effectively utilising the space, expanding here and there. Moreover, they’ve upgraded the interiors making it more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. Props to them for investing on nicer lighting! 🙂 Thing is though, it’s not just the physical look that is different. Even the feel of it is much more cosy. I mean,  I loved the old White Sands because of its convenience and all, but I wouldn’t really hang out there. It’s impressive how they’ve kept White Sands’ practicality while adding this fresh and much appreciated layer of leisure on top of the usual shopping. What was once good enough yet impersonal has become a whole lot of better as the new White Sands is turning out to be the embodiment of the ideal neighbour – helpful, warm, and inviting.

You should definitely make your way to White Sands to check out what I’m talking about. Bring your friends and family and share some quality time going on a relaxing stroll or bonding over delicious food. If you need more convincing, below are more mouthwatering reasons for you to drop by ASAP: 


Sakae Sushi is Singapore’s very own “trendy, quick-service kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi concept that has become synonymous with a fun-filled, value-for-money and healthy dining experience”. Would you believe that they enrich their sushi rice with Vitamin E for added health benefits and that their salmon is air-flown daily to ensure freshness? Now that’s what you call commitment to quality and health!
 Salmon Zukushi signature salmon creation platter. The salmon lover in me was so so so happy upon seeing this!
My favorites: Hiroshima Oyster Shooters which undergo rigorous screening to ensure that they’re safe to eat and the Sakae Don, signature salmon assortment on sushi rice, which just may be God’s gift to salmon lovers. 
An assortment of deep fried goodies that I couldn’t stop munching on and the Trio Carpaccio which consists of Hokkaido scallops, maguro and salmon sashimi in a yummy tangy sauce

 Unagi Bibinba – can we all take a moment to admire how pretty this dish is!? It’s grilled eel, with shredded egg and veggies, served with rice and miso soup.

Mini Negitoro Don and Mini Chirashi Don. Minced tuna belly and assorted sashimi, respecitvely, on a bed of Vitamin E enriched sushi rice. Personally though, I prefer the regular sized serving. 😉

 Sakae Fondue – wait, what?! Yup! They serve fondue as dessert. Such as sweet ending to a lovely meal, don’t you think? 🙂
Sakae Sushi is located at #02-01/02/03 White Sands Mall


It’s impossible not to be familiar with Thai Express. With over 20 outlets in Singapore, and more in China, Vietnam, and Malaysia, this modern Thai food chain is the answer to the needs of customers who want to dine amidst a relaxed yet contemporary ambience without sacrificing the authenticity of the cuisine. I, for one, personally appreciate how they make Thai food accessible to the public. 

Starting off with the Yam Mamuang Thai  or mango salad. This is such a refreshing dish that I can happily munch on alone or as a side. 

Thai Milk Tea – a Thai meal will not be complete without this!
Classic favorites: Kanom Pang Na Kung  (Prawn toast) and Khao Gai Phat Krapow Rice (stir-fried spicy minced chicken with Thai basil)

 The CNN ranked Massaman Chicken Curry with Thai-style pancake. Hard to believe but there’s over 20 ingredients in this dish and it takes at least 12 hours to prepare. What you get is a seamlessly infused pot that has a rich and unique flavor that is quite frankly, unlike any curry you’ve had before.
Poo Phat Pong Kari Rice. This, without a doubt, was the star of the night. Soft shell crab, egg and onion curry, I wouldn’t have given it much thought if I saw it in the menu BUT after trying this and seeing it, oh myyy!! I WAS MISSING OUT! It’s soooo good!!!

Chilled desserts for a nice ending – Ta Kor (Famous Thai fragrant pandan jelly with coconut custard) and Thai Chendol (Fragrant jackfruit slices, colorful strains of chendol and chewy flour bits in a sea of rich coconut milk and traditional Thai palm sugar)

And my personal favorite, the dish that my tummy will always make room for – Khao Niao Mamuang. Sweet glutinous rice with fresh mango and coconut milk 🙂
Thai Express is located at #02-04 White Sands

Are you guys still here? Or have you gone to White Sands already? :p Actually, I’m super tempted to go there now, hahaha Aside from Thai Express and Sakae Sushi, Cookhouse is having a $1 weekday special promotion! Will I see you there? 🙂
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