The Staten Island Ferry is a 25-minute water-shuttle from Downtown Manhattan to Staten Island. It’s a hit not just with commuters, but with tourists who want to see the Statue of Liberty semi-up close as well. I’ve previously admired Lady Liberty from Battery Park, but guys, it’s a whole ‘nother level of appreciation when you’re in the water. Hereuse de faire votre connaissance, madame! You don’t get to dock at Liberty Island though, but hey, did I mention it’s free? You don’t need to make reservations, you just pop in and wait for the ferry. Some people on Trip Advisor said you should allot 3 hours for a round trip but I think that’s too much. I was done in about an hour, but maybe it depends on the traffic. I was there at around 2pm on Tuesday, if that helps.

I actually almost missed out on this experience because I wasn’t feeling well that day. After lunch, I was tempted to just go home and rest, but I decided against it coz hey, it’s not everyday I’m in New York. Figured I’d just flush out the bad stuff with water, which works for me when the virus is just creeping in. Sitting on the deck of the ferry and soaking up the sunlight and fresh air helped too! But let me clarify, never push yourself too much when it comes to your health. Always know when to pull back. I should know coz I’ve been sick – and had 2 days of MC – this week.

I highly recommend taking the Staten Island Ferry. It offers scenic views of the Statue of Liberty and the New York harbor, hassle-free and for free! It’s something I’m sure I’ll do again when I’m back. 🙂

Staten Island Ferry docks at Manhattan’s Whitehall Ferry Terminal (also known as South Ferry) and Staten Island’s St. George Ferry Terminal. Click here for schedule and more information.


Q: What did the Staten Island Ferry say to Lady Liberty?
(Sorry guysssss! I can’t help myself, hahaha!)

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