Yay, it’s Friday!!! How come it took so long to arrive?!! It so happens that on the most anticipated night of the week, I am glued to my fluffy white cloud (aka: my bed) unable to peel myself away from it. Funny coz I actually started the day thinking that it’s high time I go out again, and for good reason too- my friend’s doggie is celebrating his birthday. While on one hand I am starting to feel like a serial ditcher, the other is just so glad I get to laze in my room and inhale my Lemongrass room spray. Now, this, is my idea of a Friday night.

You see, work has been really busy lately. We dub it “non-sense”, all those problems that come with my job’s regular programming. But it’s really not non-sense, they’re actual problems. I like solving puzzles and even playing litigator defending my case, but when you’re actually at the mercy of other people who are at the mercy of other people, it’s not fun. It’s tedious and frankly, quite frustrating. And it’s also disheartening to find out you’ve been busting your butt off while the numbers are taking its own sweet time to grow. I think this will be the perfect segue on how busy isn’t always productive. It’s a good reminder that quantity does not necessarily equate to quality. But, hey, at least it’s picking up. And I hope it continues to pick up some more. Faster too. Coz like what I’ve observed this week, patience isn’t my strong suit.

I’ve been telling myself to be more firm in my dealings and stop being “too nice”. But this week, I found myself in a situation where I beat myself up for being, plain and simple, a bitch. The first hour at work tends to be sacred coz that’s when I go through each file and check each shipment. So when someone calls my mobile asking for someone who isn’t me, I bluntly say “Wrong Number” and hang up. When that Private Number calls again, I’m not exactly in a chatty mood but I answer anyway (bad call, pun intended). This person asks who I am and what I’m doing with his friend’s number and how long I’ve had it. Sensing it may be a scam, I exaggerate a bit, to which he says that it’s impossible coz his friend had used it before. Then in my best Singlish, I curtly told him to “go call Singtel lah” and quickly hung up. To which I realized 2 seconds after was just so rude. Suddenly, ways of handling it better came flooding to my head. I could’ve said it politely. What if this person was trying to reconnect with a soulmate? Okay, maybe not even soulmate, maybe someone they met at a bar the night before, hahaha. But anyway, it was a reminder that not being too nice is different from not being nice. There is no excuse for being rude! So, I’ll just continue telling myself that it was a scammer that I’ve narrowly avoided thanks to my detective instincts.

Speaking of close calls, I almost got myself a new phone. I’ve been toying with the idea of finally upgrading my now ancient iPhone 4S, but when my screen went black after dropping it, I realized I didn’t want a new phone. Weird, noh? I had such a heavy heart coz I kept thinking about how there were much better uses for money, so thank God this video worked! I am now a happier owner of an iPhone 4S. 😀

Funny how life can get pretty ironic, don’t you agree? It’s like how, sometimes, the best Friday nights are spent at home, alone, perfectly content.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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