Just to clarify, I don’t mean performing on stage. I’m probably the only Filipino who can’t sing. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than willing to sing my lungs out but it hasn’t always been well-received. My dad, during karaoke, even told me to “sing properly!” when I was already doing my best, so yeah… that paints a picture of my vocal ability.


My boyfriend and I were watching X Factor when I jokingly told him that we should go to London in December to catch the finals and hopefully, 1D or Coldplay performs. Little did I know that we’d actually end up going! They say luck comes to the prepared, so I’ve been patiently waiting to enter the draw for tickets, and guess what, WE’RE GOING TO X FACTOR!!!

The tickets, like in most live television shows, do not guarantee entrance but getting a ticket (that they draw randomly!) is already half the battle. Now to psych myself to line up early and wait a couple of hours as I freeze my butt off before heading inside Wembley Stadium. Bring it on! I’ve actually messaged a stranger on Facebook who posted about her live show experience asking about what time to go and she was really helpful, even providing me with tips. 🙂 Ah, the power of social media!

I’m telling myself this is meant to be but at the same time, I need to further enable the Law of Attraction by putting this out there – I’M GOING TO WATCH X FACTOR LIVE IN WEMBLEY STADIUM! Will be blogging about my experience after that but for now, here are my thoughts on the Top 4, which I must say, was actually my top 4.♥︎ (4th Impact was my very close #5, wala lang, baka may magalit, haha)

Louisa Johnson was one of the first contestants that I loved. With her dishevelled hair and laidback cool look, I even dubbed her Topshop girl. Hehe! She did James Bay’s Let It Go and although she was widely praised for it, I didn’t like it. Much coz I’m biased to the original. Reggie ‘N’ Bollie although not as good technically, is just damn infectious! They’re always so happy and it really makes you happy too! Talk about nailing the “Personality” component down! Lauren Murray is my favorite in the Girls category. I love her rendition of One Last Time, which mind you, wasn’t her original song. She hits the high notes gracefully and without piercing my eardrums. I personally would listen to her all day long. And lastly, Che Chesterman. Man, I love his voice!!! I’m really rooting for him to win this season. He could sing anything and I would still be a fan. His voice is just so soothing!

I’m so excited to watch and hear the contestants live! And of course, I’m looking forward to seeing the judges too! 🙂 I can’t wait!!!

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