A year ago, I posted my most heart-wrenching playlist just around Valentine’s Day. After spending the weekend with my high school girlfriends, most parts of which we were singing popular songs from back then, I was inspired to continue with the sad playlist tradition. This time containing OPM songs for added hugot and because you’d be surprised as to which songs you actually know all the words to. πŸ™‚

My boyfriend asked me just now what I was doing and when I told him, he asked me if I was sad. He’s the cutest, hehe! I’m actually happy, even if I’m gross and itchy from allergies, and I really loooove Valentine’s Day; it’s just that I like singing and screaming along to songs too (see Exhibit A). So if you’re like me, or if you’re actually going through something, here are 10 OPM songs for Feb 14 – handpicked and guaranteed to strike a chord with any Filipino twenty-something. πŸ˜‰ 

1. Pare ko by Eraserheads
Pare ko, meron akong problema. Wag mong sabihing na naman. In-love ako sa isang kolehiyala, hindi ko maintindihan.

2. Suntok sa Buwan by Session Road
Damdamin ko’y pinagtakpan, makasama ka’y suntok sa buwan.

3. Torete by Moonstar 88
Maaari bang hawakan ang iyong mga kamay? Sana ay maabot ang langit. Ang iyong mga ngiti, sana ay masilip.

4. Tulad ng Dati by The Dawn
Dati rati’y isang hawak ko lang, alam ko na kung may bagyo o kung tag-araw sa iyong damdamin. Sana ay makilala kang muli, tulad ng dati.

5. Let Me Be the One by Jimmy Bondoc
We just have to say our love was true but has now become a lie. So I’m tellin’ you I love you one last time and goodbye.

6. Jeepney by Sponge Cola
Subalit ngayo’y wala na, ikaw ay lumayo na. Naaalala ko ang mga gabing nakahiga sa ilalim ng kalawakan, naaalala ko ang mga gabing magkatabi sa ulan.

7. Kisapmata by Rivermaya
O kay bilis namang maglaho ng pag-ibig mo sinta, daig mo pa ang isang kisapmata. Kanina’y naryan lang o ba’t bigla namang nawala?

8. Burnout by Sugarfree
Kung iisipin mo, di naman dati ganito. Kay bilis kasi ng buhay, pati tayo natangay. O kay tagal din kitang minahal.

9. Wag Na Wag Mong Sasabihin by Kitchie Nadal
‘Wag na ‘wag mong sasabihin na hindi mo nadama itong pag-ibig kong handang ibigay kahit pa kalayaan mo

10. Before I Let You Go by Freestyle
I know someday, somehow, I’ll find a way to leave it all behind me. I guess it wasn’t meant to be but baby, before I let you go I want to say I love you.

Soo.. are you still alive? Hehe! Hope you enjoyed, I certainly did. πŸ™‚ Listen to it on Spotify if you want to tortureentertain yourself some more. And don’t forget to let me know your favorite OPM songs, sad or otherwise, below!

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