Currently No. 12:- 

Sooo, I sorta ended up “reading” 3 books at the same time. I tend to grab the nearest book when I’m without one, so lesson learned- carry the book I’m reading with me at all times. I’m juggling: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, I’ll See You in Paris by Michelle Gable, Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles by Ron Currie Jr. I promised myself I’ll finish all three in order of when I first opened it. Wish me luck!

I’m in the midst of editing and incubating another “very important, possibly life-changing, essay” so in the meantime, it’s blog backlogs for me
White Noise, in fairness, this really helps me concentrate. Well, this and the SelfControl app, hehe!
Of getting pink hair. Purikura says I look good with it 
Equal parts nervous and excited, but HOPEFUL mostly 
The warm fuzzy feeling I’ve been having with my loved ones. Whether it’s finally getting support, an overdue heart to heart talk, playing with my godson and capturing our moment on video, or simply cracking a corny comment at the same time, I love love and all its forms  
To go back to Japan and explore it further. I’ve still yet to try the onsen, kobe beef, otoro, Pablo, etc 
To come up with a healthy everyday routine that involves proper meals, exercise, and sleeping early
To get good news SOON 

What about you? How’s your week so far? Anything you’re looking forward to? Let me know below!

Have a good rest of the week! Here’s to better things coming our way and to finding and fighting for our own version of “more”. 

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