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Around this time last year, I was randomly wishing that I can go to London in December to check out the Yule Ball in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and to catch the finale of X Factor. You can just imagine my sheer and utter excitement when I found out I was going! Of course I had to go watch X Factor live. If I can, I mean. I mentioned here that I got a General Ticket but it didn’t guarantee entrance, so Day 2 of our London trip was dedicated to making sure we get to watch live. Yeah, we pretty much burnt the entire 2nd day, but hey, Luke and I watched that season religiously and we really liked the remaining contestants too. So this is how our day went:-



Starting the day hopeful and all smiles

Waiting by the bus stop near our flat to go to a tube station (I forgot where exactly, but it was far!) Seriously, our Airbnb was so convenient. The bus stop was just a few steps away and it linked us to so many places!


Several bus stops and tube stops later, we’ve reached our stop: WEMBLEY PARK!

Okay, I honestly thought that the show would be at Wembley Stadium. It was for the finale lang pala! The “regular” shows were actually held at FOUNTAIN STUDIOS. Good job, Reg. You almost waited at the wrong place, haha!

Luke and I had lunch at the Indian restaurant near by called Wembley Tandoori, and guess what?! It was actually managed by a Filipino! It’s a bit difficult to tell South East Asians apart, but what gave him away was the music being played – OPM!

Waiting again in line, okay pa kami ditto.

Oyyy! It’s Olly Murs!

But pretty soon, it was time for the sun to set, leaving us with the cold, cold, COLD night

There were instances when it RAINED too. By then I was asking myself if this was all worth it. Hahaha! Good thing Luke was game too, and that we’ve made a couple of friends in the line as well.


Finally, that stamp that guaranteed our entrance to the show. Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief now, haha


Luke and I with those friends I mentioned earlier. We met these 2 lovely people in line. They were originally from Italy and now (actually, not sure if now, but at that time) they’re living it up in London. 🙂


Check out the crew climbing up to their cameras. Ang galing!

The studio. It’s actually pretty small, noh? I thought it’d be bigger.

At this point, I admit to being dead tired. But I was still so freakin’ excited. FIRST INTERNATIONAL TV SHOW TO CATCH LIVE! It’s like next level jej, haha! Just kidding.

Getting ready for the show to start! Check out the contestants plus the hosts, Olly and Caroline 🙂

2015’s Top 4: Reggie N Bolly, Lauren, Louisa and Che!


The JUDGES!!! Simon, Cheryl, Rita and Nick! (At least their backs, hahaha!)


SIA! I didn’t really like her song that time (Alive) but it was great seeing her 🙂


And Simon Cowell. Seriously, I was the most starstruck with Simon Cowell. I mean, come on, SIMON FREAKIN’ COWELL. As in American Idol, high school + college days, One Direction, SIMON COWELL. Seriously regret not getting a photo!!!
All in all, it was an experience for the books. Will I wait in the cold and rain again? Maybe, maybe not. (I don’t mind spending everyday, out on your corner in the pouring rain – CHOS!) But I’m glad I was able to experience it. I got to see international celebrities and take part (sorta, audience participation counts, right?) in a show I really enjoyed, at a season that was oozing with talent. At that point, it didn’t matter who would get eliminated because I honestly really liked them all. But yeah, Lauren got the boot, and Louisa eventually won.
For this season, I haven’t actually been updated coz this actually was Luke’s “show”, but I probably should check it out again. And hey, this December, maybe we’d witness something Orphan Black during our next holiday? Or hopefully, something Arrow and The Flash. Ahh! So excited! 
But for now, Monday awaits. And for this blog, part 3 of our London trip. Hehe! Hope your weekend went well!


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