The past few weeks I’ve been itching to create. To produce output that my soul could be proud of. Not that I don’t take pride in my job, because I do, but it doesn’t necessarily make my heart sing. And my heart wants to sing. Hence, this blog, an outlet for my psyche’s notes and hymns. I’ve been meaning to write, and the lack of posts made me realize that you need to actually allot time for it. That you need to prioritize it coz it’s not something you just do when you have time – spoiler: you don’t – you need to make time. That is why I find myself here, in this cafe somewhat near my house, claiming it to be my spot from here on out.

I know this isn’t really a mind-blowing piece revealing my inner workings or imparting any strong wisdom, but maybe we need to work on our passion projects even on days we don’t feel inspired. To practice even if we feel we aren’t making progress. To believe that our efforts are sharpening our skills. To have faith in ourselves and our heart’s urges.

Maybe it doesn’t make sense that I spent a good hour getting myself to type the 200-word paragraphs above, but in all honesty, I am proud of finally having something to share to the world again other than freight rates (which you can ask me about, by the way, lol). And just so you have a take away from reading my now 250 words, here’s a peek at the cafe I’m talking about – Coffee Project in Wil Tower!

It was actually my friend, Abby (pictured below), and her husband, Keken, that first brought me here. It was either this or Starbucks, which was closer to our tita’s house, but they insisted that Coffee Project would be worth the extra 5 minutes. And it was. Upon entering, I was like, okay, this will be my new hangout.

Unlike other cafes, this one is actually conducive for work. For one thing, they have SO MUCH SOCKETS. It’s like every table has one. No need to fight over certain spots coz you can just plop wherever. Their free wifi is not shit, their music is just right (mostly acoustic versions of pop songs), their staff is friendly, and you only need to look up your screen to see motivational quotes when you’re getting stumped.

I also love that it isn’t crowded. I hate when people hog tables at busy establishments and they pretend they don’t see you holding a tray looking for a place to sit – I never want to be that annoying jerk. Luckily, there are more than enough seats. No judgement on what’s taking you so long to finish your coffee (or blog post).

But wait, there’s more! And it may just be the BEST thing about it. There is a spacious carpark next door and it’s free for 3 hours if you have your ticket validated. I repeat, spacious carpark. Ugh, PERFECT!!!

So that wraps up our tour of my new favorite spot for dates with myself and my laptop. Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

Maybe I’ll see you there next time? x


… Okay, fine, that was half-hearted. I don’t want a lot of people to go, haha! Sorry, not sorry! xx



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