Since I’ve been sharing sad playlists the past two Februarys (exhibit A and B), I figured this year, it’s about time for something more Valentine-y. Obviously, February 14 has already come and gone, but why not share the love on the other days too, right? Make it Valentine’s everyday! Besides, my post is late but I’m quite certain the music will make up for it, haha! 🙂

Below are 16 tracks that I see myself falling in love to – aka: songs that would play if real life had a musical score. Upbeat, chill, raw, overly popish, in your face, and almost hushed; a soundtrack that encompasses the “!” and the “…”. Songs that warm my insides and those that make me feel that my heart is ready to burst. Those that make me want to rest my head and smile quietly, as well as songs that make me want to run and scream and dance with joy. Because love isn’t just “Sunday Slowdown”, it’s “Friday Madness” too.

At least the kind I want is. x

PS- Can you believe I now look forward to Friday Madness?! It used to be the day in the week when I wouldn’t listen to Magic; now it’s the only day I listen to it! HAHA

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