While contorting my limbs and trying to find the least uncomfortable position in the teeniest of benches, I couldn’t help but think of better times I had with my mom. Okay, this is a bit dramatic and we are still very much great as we were just in for a regular procedure and not for something scarier or more serious. Although it didn’t offer an ideal sleeping situation, there was still an air of lightness in the hospital room that had been our home overnight. It helps that our room was literally bright and sunny thanks to the huge window overlooking Ortigas. It reminded me of a similar afternoon in Singapore, way before I had any plans of leaving, when we strolled around the Bugis-Bras Basah area and found ourselves queuing for brunch in Curious Palette.

Nestled in a traditional shophouse, the eatery’s charm extends to its interior that balances minimalist, industrial, and rustic design elements. It’s an inviting backdrop for a relaxed meal or catch up session. Maybe even a respite from the city’s cold lines. That is, if you could get a table. We almost considered dropping out from the wait and just heading to Strictly Pancakes next door.  Good thing we didn’t, or else we’d miss out on the interesting first date conversation of the table next to ours, haha!

It was a very pretty space with food I wouldn’t mind eating again (hello, rosti!!!). But was it worth the hype? For me, it wasn’t. But hey, maybe you could give it a try and let me know? These were from March 25, 2016 so maybe it’s different now. But make a reservation just in case so you wouldn’t have to wait.

And oh, another thing our hospital stay and this late post made me realize – I wanna live somewhere walkable. 😉

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