Currently No. 16:- It’s the beginning of the long holiday and I’m in bed.. And I intend to stay here for the next couple of days. Last week was intense. Stressfully gruelling, physically exhausting, but also damn rewarding. Got to steal a few moments with Luke too, although as with everything that week, anxiety over the littlest details of our cargo had ruined enjoyable moments (like the Coldplay concert, which I had planned on going since 2011!!!). But all is good now, at least as good as can be. I’ve finished a few books. I’m up to date with Designated Survivor. I didn’t lose my Vancouver photos. I was able to take stock of my life and my plans for the year over breakfast with myself. I had the loveliest Monday night with the office mates for a couple of drinks, and some of my fave girls for a couple of bottles of wine thereafter. And I get to take off work (although I’ll still be checking my mail from time to time because as my ex-boss and forever life mentor told me, our industry doesn’t rest if planes are still flying – not a very fun industry, I know). Anyway, have to cut this intro short as my plans for staying in bed are postponed for tomorrow. Will be spending the rest of the day (and evening) with my cousins and nephews.


Mozart’s Last Aria by Matt Rees. A blurb at the back cover compares it to The Da Vinci Code but this time with Mozart and Freemasons, and I had to get a copy. It isn’t as compelling as The Da Vinci Code only because it was set in the past and not the present as with Robert Langdon, so the language is a bit formal. Interesting read though – makes me want to visit Vienna. I’m looking forward to see how the novel plays out. Side note, I have this book called Secret Life of Great Artists, and I’m thinking someone should come up with a version for composers and musicians! That would be a very compelling read! Coz like the Impressionists, these composers banded (see what I did there) together too. EDIT: OMG THERE IS ONE!!!! I need this in my life!!!


2017 Plans, I have a spreadsheet which even includes a sheet for finances. Talk about adulting! Or rather, trying to adult non-adulting things, like my upcoming trip which really boiled down from the dilemma – to adult or to go to Europe. I had my mom’s blessing of putting off adulting (aka: moving out) for one more year.


It Ain’t Me by Kygo with Selena Gomez. Don’t hate! I really like this song. So much so that I’ve been playing it on repeat. #NOSHAME


Of the changes I want to make in this blog’s layout and how I am going to execute. I wish I was fluent in coding!! But no matter, this weekend, I will take time to spruce up the theme. Promise.


L-A-Z-Y!!!! I mean, I am excited that our cousin plan is finally pushing through. But gravityyyy, wants to bring me down (to my bed). But it’s okay, I’ll probably take a quick 15 minute nap and wake up psyched and ready for later.


The long weekend!!! Words cannot express how glad I am to have this break.


More breaks like these. Huuuu


To SAVE MONEY. And find more income streams. I hate sounding like some greedy Scrooge that wants more, more, MORE, but the reality of things is that you need money. Of course, there are other things you need like fulfilling relationships and good health, but like one smart ass told me a few years back, non-verbatim, “I like to live life fully and instead of cutting back, I find ways to supplement my growing needs”. He was an ass, but he was smart and I agree with him fully on this. If you can, why cut back when you can go for more? Now to find more… Hmm


I was back in Vancouver. Check out this video of our 2016 trip and watch me fall in love with snow.
Okay, forget the nap. I think a cold shower would be better.
Enjoy the holidays! May you also find time to reflect on Goodness and Love. x

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