Osaka was our base for the first part of our Japan 2016 trip. Sadly, it being a base meant we spent more time away than there. Nonetheless, it did make an impression and I would definitely be back to explore.

Starting off this leg with some shots with the sibs, but not the kind you’re thinking of. We took advantage of our Airbnb’s balcony.

We then took a train to Namba and of course I just had to document that, haha I mean, hey, it was our first group photo for the trip!

We had dinner in one of the restaurants in the mall connected to the station coz we were STARVING. This led to us getting overexcited and ordering too much.

Afterwards, we made our way to the famous Dotonbori. At this point I was thinking that maybe we shouldn’t have eaten and just controlled our hunger til we made it here because there was just so many things happening, so much food to try!

I was also able to say hi to my good friend, Marla, who was on vacation then but living in Japan now! How cool, no!?

Then it was time to say hi to the main guy – the Glico Man.

Afterwards, we were sucked into Don Quijote where hours magically seem to pass

I got a bunch of face stuff (Bifesta make up wipes, Biore sunscreen, Cure natural gel, LuLuLun face mask) and eye drops.

And we also got.. dun dun dun.. MATCHING OSAKA T-SHIRTS!

Ending this post with that kind of shots. 😉


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