A bunch of people have observed that the Northern Lights in Iceland is the “new” Cherry Blossoms in Japan. That is, there is a boom in the number of Filipinos going there. For a time, our Facebook feed was all about the the elusive pink flowers, but I guess that has already become commonplace, and now we’re going one level up and chasing after nature’s illuminations. Cherry Blossoms have become ordinary. But isn’t it weird how the Japanese, who should be the most accustomed to this flora, if any, still find it special? Special enough to throw viewing parties and to crowd a park just to bask in its presence. We have to remember that special is not exclusive to what is unusual. The everyday can be special. Beauty doesn’t diminish just because we are regularly exposed to it; it’s our perspective that changes – or rather, controls the landscape. But if you have the chance to explore new terrain, do it too! Just don’t beat yourself up if you can’t, because wander is meaningless without wonder. Try to live each day with fresh eyes and allow this world to blow you away.


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