One of the most controversial pieces of clothing I own is my leopard coat. And it’s not because of PETA or animal rights – it’s faux, obvs. It’s because it is, in its very name, a leopard coat. I spotted it hanging in F21 in the middle of Wisma and ION (it has a proper name that I can’t place this very moment), and I was immediately attracted because a) leopard print, b) fur, and c) the SALE banner was hanging on top of its rack. I tried it on and almost believed it was too ridiculous to get, but then I saw it was only S$29.00. Ceelo Green be damned, I’ll just have it shortened to lessen the pimpish vibes (it originally was below the knee). I mean, I’ve always wanted a furry leopard print coat, anyway. Not sure if I needed it, but I knew I wanted one.

I ended up spending more for the alteration than what I bought it for coz I wanted it done ASAP. I wanted to bring it to my upcoming Japan trip for a quick ROI. Otherwise, it’ll wait in my closet for a proper winter trip and at that time, I didn’t have any idea when that would be. So in to my bag it went. People were weirded out that I brought it, even more that I actually bought it – don’t judge them, I love them dearly. Luckily, our first night in Osaka was colder than a normal Spring evening and I got to wear my coat comfortably. It probably also helped that I was wearing a flimsy top underneath. Haha! NO RAGRETS. Okay, maybe just one teeny tiny one. I shouldn’t have cared too much about what people thought/might think about my leopard coat.

Nowadays, people are brandishing their opinions about everything as if it were facts. We have to remember the difference between preference and morality; and how the former doesn’t make you a good or bad person. Let me have my leopard coat! It doesn’t affect you directly. Maybe you think it’s horrible and maybe you’d even go as far to voice it out because the digital era has encouraged everyone to voice their opinions; sometimes even aggressively under the false pretence that it’s not “real life”, anyway. But what are your ends for bitching about those who are different from you? Nowadays, we talk to make noise and no longer because we want to communicate and start a conversation. We get too riled up over things that frankly shouldn’t even matter (i.e.: someone standing under the shade on a sunny day). It’s good to have an opinion on everything as long as you don’t preach it as fact and discount all other opposing views. Preference doesn’t define character. Ethics does.

Know the difference and you do you. x

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