IT’S THAT FEELING AGAIN. That emptiness, that frustration, those small indignations that have built up into a dam of pent up rage. That feeling when you’ve crossed a certain point and know instinctively that you have to pull yourself out before you drown in the toxicity of it all. Several times you’ve thought you’d reached that breaking point. Several times you’ve passed through it. But this one is different. It’s already manifesting within yourself, quickly and potently. Tears used to be enough to rid yourself of that negative energy, but you find that you need more than just washing it out. There’s too much that you feel the need to physically dispel that energy by either banging your fists on the nearest surface or grunting and screaming something unintelligible. You need to release it. But when you’ve reached *this* point, you know that the relief is only temporary. You need to release yourself too.

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