So, here’s the thing. I am cutting it too close for my visa. I know I promised myself never again after that stressful 2013 incident when I got my UK visa the morning of my evening flight (talk about major relief!), and I’ve actually done a pretty decent job at it during the last couple of years. I’ve even scheduled when I can start applying for my visas in my calendar.. yet here I am today. I pretty much burnt April dillydallying on my requirements. I used being busy at work as an excuse not to schedule a trip to the bank or to NSO (ok fine, to SM). Then I made the not-so-smart decision of booking my IELTS and my HK trip in May, so I couldn’t lodge my applications coz I needed my passport with me. So yeah, I pretty much brought this upon myself. Anybody else who’s a member of the shit-I-really-should’ve-applied-earlier-club?? Let’s have a club meeting in the comment section below, haha!

The good news is that I already got my Schengen (Circulation, baby!!!) and I’m pretty sure my Japan visa will be next. I’ve already lodged it in and I did my math, it should be ready by Tuesday with just *enough* time to spare. But man, never again talaga. If my Schengen came out a day later, I would have to hold my breath until the last minute to find out if I’ll be able to join our family’s trip. BUT, let’s not count chickens before they hatch. I still have to hold my breath until I have my passport and visa on hand. So, Law of Attraction. I shall keep posting about our 2016 trip. Maybe I can talk the Universe down. Maybe I can TOKYOu down! Nyaha!? ANYWAY! Stop the corny puns. Here are some random snaps from 2016. My best moments will be shared on a diff post though, coz yes, it’s really that special? .. And, hey, the best is yet to come nga, diba? Omg, come on visa, we can do this.????

saying konnichiwa to Hachiko in Shibuya

the famous Shibuya crossing, before the pedestrians started crossing. can’t you just feel the energy and action in this shot?!
(I BS, my hands were just shaky, hahaha!)

schmancy dessert in the nicer side of Roppongi

so this one time I walked in Tokyo wearing an Osaka T-Shirt.

my favorite of them Japanese beers – KIRIN! But it isn’t Kirin inside, haha! We were having highballs over lunch

said lunch – ramen tonkotsu mmmm

cherry blossoms filling Ueno park (more snaps here)

I thought it was the Emperor of Japan, but this equestrian statue is that of Prince Komatsu Akihito of the Imperial Family. He wasn’t on the direct line to the throne, BUT according to the vast pool of knowledge that is the internet, he was almost arrange marriage-d to the Princess of Hawaii. Interesting what if, noh?

cutesy Starbucks in Ueno Park (I knowwww, it really is taking over!)

Yep, this was taken around election time last year

I’m pretty sure this is Akihabara?

I am damn sure this panda sign is the cutest metro notice in the whole world!!!



in one of the chill bars shoot i forgot its name

#OOTD! Guys, I concede, I was round.

nice building near Ginza

it seemed cool at that time to take this photo, hahaha


we went to one of those conveyor belt sushi places in Odaiba, and I know it’s psychological, but it was so much more fun to eat sushi in Japan


the cuuuutest prizes from the crane game

rainy ginza, check out that super cute ladybug-ish brolly!

As you can see, I haven’t really had the chance to immerse or even get a good feel of Tokyo. I am really looking forward to go back coz hello, it’s Tokyo (and Japanese food, mmmm?) Let’s go Universe!! This time next week, I hope to be back ?

With that said, guys, tips?? Suggestions?? Personal favorite places?? Please do share!!!❣


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