BEWARE THE OKAY LANG – The boring middle, the one that is not bad enough to push you, the one that is not good enough to keep you happy. It has enough up points to sail you through, and since it’s not SO bad, you tell yourself you’ll coast through for a little bit longer. There’s no rush anyway.

But there is.

Soon enough you’ll find yourself losing 5 years of your life in the mediocre middle; that settling for the “okay”. Never reaching your breaking point, but never quite meeting your potential either. This is why the “okay lang” is worse than the horrible. It makes you comfortable. It makes you slack. It makes you procrastinate. It makes you settle. It makes you content with this lesser version of yourself. You have to fight it. You have to think long term rather than short term and PULL YOURSELF OUT WHILE YOU CAN. And believe me, you can. You still can. Life is not meant to be “okay lang”. K lang is kulang. Nothing is worse than realizing you could have but you didn’t. Life is yours to build and create, but we only have so much time. Use it wisely and live your best possible life every damn day.


PS- the friend I was talking about the “okay lang” with? I learned – just a week after our convo – he landed this awesome new job that will take him to Australia for 3 months!!!

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