OWN YOUR TRUTH – what the heck does that even mean?! What is my “truth”, anyway?! Okay, let’s base it on Apple Dictionary’s definition as: that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality. In accordance with reality. So, it’s owning your reality. I mean, yeah, you can acknowledge your truth. But actually accepting it is another story. What’s the difference? Being at ease and working with this knowledge as you go about your days. That’s owning it.

As a very introspective psych major, I am very much aware of my personality type and predispositions. However, what I am missing is the actual application and ultimate acceptance of this knowledge. I still insist on being the “desirable” type, even if it is already glaringly obvious that iz not me. I am so wrapped up with this ideal of making everyone around me happy (and I believe, at the heart of it, love me *issues, I have so much, apparently*) that I ingrain all these external expectations and work so hard on keeping appearances. This ends up being damn exhausting, frustrating, and basically, pointless. It’s a major waste of time when I should’ve just owned my truth – my preferences, my strengths and my limitations – from the very beginning. Pretty sure I’d end up being happier and lighter coz then I’d be working with my capabilities (and in the process, enhancing these, I suppose) instead of being freakin’ angry all the time. So yes, this is me working on my issues and trying to put in action my learnings. Coz I don’t like being angry all the time. Makes me less lovable, chos. But actually, come to think of it, yeah. It makes me love myself less when I’m frustrated and pissed all the time. Maybe the love I should be working on, is actually the self-love part. That’s owning my truth – acknowledging, accepting, and finally, loving myself (healthily). ♥

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