I THOUGHT I’VE ALREADY SEEN THE LAST OF “MAY PASOK BA?” MORNINGS. Growing up in the Philippines, a tropical archipelago, by its very definition, surrounded by oceans; we were prone to typhoons and monsoons. And because of our lack of infrastructure and urban planning, Manila is pretty much flood disaster prone. As you get older, because of the government’s belief that you get invincible with age, these class suspensions become less and less; with work suspensions being almost unheard of. Until today that is.

With 2 typhoons ravaging the island of Luzon (from the north and the south, with Metro Manila feeling the effects of both) overnight, most of our thoroughfares are flooded and unpassable with some neighborhoods having no power too. Mannn, this is crazy. There was even knee deep water outside our gate just now. And that’s outside. Imagine how it is for people whose houses have flooded inside, or worse, those who don’t have houses to shelter them. Aghh, I hope everyone will be safe. For now though, I am counting my blessings and enjoying this welcome break the same way I’ve been doing so in the last 20+ years – chilling with family. Bring out the champorado and start shuffling the cards for pusoy dos; aside from the occasional work calls/errands, I intend to savour this moment as it may well be my last rainy day suspension.

..unless we keep screwing our planet over. I hope not.


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