The Blog

Started in 2010 as a style diary, heyrocketgirl has then evolved into a platform for more serious writing and other seriously awesome stuff – food and travel. It is an online collection of moments and musings by a twentysomething optimistic idealist as she tries – and goes – to live out her best possible life. A life that is rooted in joy, that finds beauty in the everyday, and that embraces hard work and self-improvement. Offering a mix of introspection and life events, it is a personal weblog that reflects and hopes to inspire a life well lived.

The Girl

Regina Rodriguez is back in Manila and looking forward to whatever the universe has in store for her. Following her bliss and trusting His will and timing, the last 10 years has seen her getting a degree in Psychology and a minor in French Studies from the Ateneo de Manila University; joining Manila’s fashion scene as a retailer, stylist and blogger; going to Poland for a Development Internship; and living in Singapore as an OFW. Currently a manager in the Logistics industry, she busies herself with airport codes for work and pleasure.


All words and photos by Regina Rodriguez, unless otherwise stated. Sponsorships and collaborations are welcomed at the discretion of the writer. Rest assured, compensation will in no way undermine honest feedback. Views expressed here are solely her own and do not represent any company or entity.