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I know, I know. I haven’t been updating. Things have been really busy at work lately and whenever I get home, all I wanna do is just plop in bed, watch my TV series or read a book. Basically rest my brain from producing any output. But the past weeks, I’ve been taking my work home too.  I don’t want this lack of creative output to continue. I need things on my blog or else I’ll feel bad about myself later on (hehe!), so it’s time for me to finallyyyy post photos from our London trip last December 2015. I know, I know. Ang tagal na. But hey, I’ve never posted them online before. Plus, at least it’s October and maybe you’ll get ideas if you’re planning to visit the UK some time soon? My next 7 posts will be reeeeally photo heavy, I’ll be sharing with you sights we visited and the food we ate. All of it. If you have questions, I’d be happy to answer them too.  So, let’s start shall we?

Luke and I flew direct on British Airways from Changi to Heathrow. If you’re flying on BA, always remember to check Business Life. It’s a publication by BA, but it’s not always readily available in your seat pockets. The first time I read it, it was, but subsequently, you have to get it from the shelf or ask a copy from the flight attendant. It’s always a good read. But if that’s not really your thing, knock yourself out with the in flight entertainment. I like checking out the foreign films selection on long haul flights coz you never know what gem you’ll stumble into. I know it seemed artsy the way I said it, foreign films selection, but in reality, it’s more of feel good romcoms set in picture pretty locations.

Hello, Heathrow!! We arrived around 5:30 am and it was so nice to step out of the airport and just feel the rush of cold air. We were definitely not in Singapore anymore. It was a much welcomed crisp chill (although soon enough, we hurried back in to arrange our train for the city). 

This is the Heathrow Express on its way to Paddington Station. The Heathrow Express can get a bit tricky. Ask, ask, ask It’s also probably best if you ask people who work there rather than random travelers who may give out the wrong info.

Luke probably wondering why someone would like to take pictures at this ungodly hour after taking a long ass flight. He may or may not be also judging me at this point.

Mood when this picture was taken: Yay, I’m in London!!! I’m finally gonna be able to explore it properly!!! I’m so tired but whatever, I’m in Londonnnn!

Candy coloured clouds during dawn at Notting Hill. NOTTING HILL!!!


The door to our Notting Hill Airbnb apartment aka: our home for the next 8 days. The moment I saw this flat on Airbnb, I fell in love with it. It had 3 flights of stairs but it was worth it. Remember my apartment daydreams? This falls right into it.

Before I show you the flat though, let’s talk about this very British view – CHIMNEYS!!! Ughhhh, how so very non-Asia! HAHA!

Living Room

Sitting Area

All white bathroom are the best!

Bedroom 1


Shortly after arriving, we decided to venture off because I wanted to correct my body clock (spoiler alert – I had jet lag until halfway through the trip). Our plan? Walk around the neighbourhood and head to Portobello Market

Passed by this beautiful church

and this row of charming houses
and then Portobello market!!!
fresh flowers

and foooood!!!

Ang taba ko sa picture na to (I really was fat to be honest, hahah!) but I’m posting it because of the sheer happiness on my face

Nom nom nom – it really was a good sandwich. My first meal for this trip, haha!

Check out the crowd!!! And Luke and I seem to be going the opposite direction, hahah

These houses are so pretty! But it must be a pain having so much pedestrian traffic on weekends.

We then made our way towards Oxford / Bond Street. An area I distinctly remembered from our previous London trip as Ingrid mentioned it was one of her fav areas.

For our first lunch, we went to Ponti’s coz it was nearby and I didn’t really do proper research beforehand on where to eat – a task I am now OC on when traveling. Hehe!

Burratina Pugliese – yummy burrata and cherry tomatoes
Ravioli Piacentini – spinach and ricotta ravioli with sage butter sauce – YUMMMMM!!

Ponti’s Burger 

Another thing about Ponti’s is that it’s so cozy and charming and the restaurant’s design warmth is just perfect for winter.

Starbucks, hehehe!

All smiles from our chill walk

For dinner, we went to the Lebanese restaurant just near our place. It took us less than 10 minutes to walk there.

Hummus and Tabouleh

So, that was our first day in London! Seems jam-packed but it was chill and we had time to nap too. Hehe! That’s winter pala noh, it was my first winter so it was a bit disconcerting to be wrapped in darkness at around 3pm. I also came well prepared in terms of clothing as compared to my last visit. Guys, UNIQLO is the way to go. And also, Qoo10 for lined pants. Inexpensive, pa! 


Sooo.. I watched Sully with my dad and siblings today last Monday (goes to show how long this has been in my drafts, haha!). To be honest, I went in actually thinking it might be a bleh movie. I mean, we all know what happened (has it really been 7 years?!), there’s no denying that it’s amazing (I still remember reading the article the first time the news broke out and being so impressed), but does it *really* warrant a whole entire movie? I know some people found it boring (hi Luigi!), but I thought it was a nicely made movie. No spoilers or anything – I mean, duh, can there really be spoilers for this film?! – but I came out of the cinema glad I watched it.

Here are 10 honest reactions on and realizations from the film:
(Warning- my friends call me a ditz sometimes.  Hahaha)

1. Ohmygod! It’s Mike O’Malley from Global Guts!!

Wait a sec, why’s he being so mean!? 
2. Sometimes, doing your job will make you look like a dick.
The movie’s main antagonist was the NTSB, but when you think of it, they’re just doing their jobs – same way that Captain Sully was doing his. 

3. I hope I won’t ever experience a plane crash an emergency landing!
The scene when the plane was descending had my heart race – it felt too real for me. As much as possible, I don’t entertain thoughts of plane crashes – especially when I’m on board – because I take The Secret seriously and acknowledge how thoughts can shape reality. That said, I should probably rephrase the above statement to: may all my flights be safe and uneventful.

4. 10,000 hours and the importance of expertise.
Ooh, classic Gladwell example! Expertise lets decision making in tasks become second nature to you.  208 seconds. I don’t think it would’ve been possible if it weren’t for his 40 years experience (oy, it’s not a spoiler, this was mentioned in the trailer, haha!) Things will always fall into place, but it’s often hard work that will facilitate this.

5. Oooh, Herman Miller chairs! 
I wonder if the real NTSB trials had Herman Miller chairs. Grabeeee! Or maybe those aren’t even Aerons? Hmm. Anyway. I wonder what it’s like to go, “okay, let’s buy a thousand dollar chair”. 

6. On what it is to be captain.
“Captain” or whatever designation for that matter, isn’t just a shiny title you wear for climbing up the ranks. Yes, it’s a reflection of where you’ve been and what you’ve done, but it is also an indication of your amount of responsibility to your team and those you serve. You have to make critical decisions, and sometimes, you even do so without full certainty that it will work out. But you do it coz you have to. And when you do, you make sure to check on the people around you.

7. Ang tanda na pala ni Tom Hanks. 
I mean, obviously there was hair and make up done to look like the really Sully. But think of it, he’s 60 na! And he’s actually a really good actor in the sense that whenever you watch him, you think of him as the character and not as Tom Hanks. Sully, Forrest Gump, NY152, that guy from Apollo 13. They’re all different people that just happen to look alike, haha!

8. God, I love New York!!!
Would this feat have been possible in any city other than New York?! ANG GALING!

9. The importance of putting faces to numbers.
Shortly after the Ampatuan massacre, I was in class in SecB105 when it hit me – if the 58 victims occupied a chair each, it would mean majority of the room. SHIT. It’s easy to get caught up with the “simplicity” of a number that we forget these are actual people we’re talking about. And their lives are connected to so much more lives. The movie may not have focused on the individual stories of the 155, but the care that Captain Sully put in it is a stark reminder that, in line of recent events here and around the world, we have to look beyond the number.

10. Wait, Aaron Eckhart was there?! 
I recognized Mike O’Malley but I didn’t recognize Aaron Eckhart!!! Lesson learned, take away someone’s hair, they’ll still look the same. Add a moustache? Totally different person. Hahaha just kidding! I just spent too much afternoons watching Global Guts after school as a kid.

Anyway, Bridget Jones’ Baby is out now! Really looking forward to watching it! Can you believe I only watched it around November last year?! I only did so because I wanted to feel the Brit spirit before flying to London. I was seriously hooked, man! Can’t wait to find out what she’s been up to.   And also, I heard that I must see Train to Busan. HAHA! God, I can’t believe it’s already Sunday!!! I feel like there’s still so much to be done and so much rest to be caught. I should prolly stop babbling now and just post this entry, hehe!


{MDS top, H&M skirt, Michael Kors bag, Christian Louboutin pumps}

One of the things I’ve noticed about myself (yes, I like to introspect. a lot.) is how I have become less and less brave. I used to be fearless. I wasn’t afraid of risks, making big decisions wasn’t as overwhelming, and I faced conflicts head on. Along the way, I let other people’s directives make me second guess my choices and question my instincts. I was primed to be cautious and just be afraid of the evil world out there. And of course, getting older means having more responsibility. While I’m not advocating recklessness and not taking advantage of other people’s wisdom, if you keep ignoring your gut, eventually, its strength will fade away. Your strength will fade away too. If you keep second guessing your abilities and what you can and cannot do, you won’t be able to get anything done. If you let your fears – fears that have been externally conditioned to you – stop you from even trying, how are you gonna be able to move forward? If you don’t drive around Metro Manila, from Quezon City to Paranaque during rush hour, you won’t be able to claim that additional amount of independence. If you don’t make a decision, you will lose time and maybe even both options. If you keep ignoring the cracks, it will eventually burst and drown you become harder to fix. And aren’t *those* scarier!?

“There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. But omitted, and the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat, and we must take the current when it serves — or lose the ventures before us.”
-William Shakespeare (as quoted by Lucas Scott)
“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”
-J. A. Shedd
Here’s to being cliché brave and facing life head on! STOP BEING SO AFRAID!!! You are gonna make mistakes, you will fall short and you won’t be able to please everyone – it’s all part of being alive. Embrace life and all its possibilities. Let it happen to you and make it happen for you.

PS- Photos from last June. Oh my god, where has time gone??!!? And where has my red hair gone?! It faded nanaman. Haha! I really need a proper dye job. Maybe this weekend? YAY LONG WEEKEND!!!


 {Cole Haan jacket, Bugis top, Cotton On shorts, Steve Madden slip-ons, Anne Klein bag}

Last night, Nadine and I went for dinner in UP Town Center. It wasn’t your usual dinner though coz we hopped from establishment to establishment. We were supposed to go for wings, but ended up greatly disappointed when we found out that Wingman had already closed their UP Town branch.  Lemon Pepper and Garlic Parmesan!!! After a moment of silence (haha!), we then continued our UP Town food crawl.

First stop – Lazy Bastard. We were deciding between the Chili Dog and the Honey Parmesan – ultimately getting the Honey Parmesan – and ohmygod, good stuff, man!!! Definitely want to come back and try the Chili Dog and the Avocadog! The Calamantea was also really good – super refreshing! Hotdog prices are a bit steep, Php200 for the Honey Parmesan, but it was really yummy. Hotdog wrapped in bacon with honey and parmesan, mmm. We then went on in search of a main course coz we originally planned on getting wings, with the range of suggestions going from burgers at Sweet Ecstasy (which we had for lunch, #NOSHAME), the chizza from KFC, to Flaming Wings, but then we agreed to go to Silantro for nachos, then find something else again if we were still hungry (i.e.: Sweet Ecstasy, KFC, Flaming Wings, hahahah).

Guys, Silantro is a good spot for Pokemon Go. Pokestops, Lures, and you get to eat and chill. Hahahaha! Have I mentioned that the nachos are REALLY good too?! Super yummy, BIG portion, and reasonably priced. Good service too! Our bill for the nachos was around Php195. Super sulit! By then, we were already SO FULL. Didn’t see that coming, I honestly thought we’d still have room for legit entrees, haha!

By the time we left Silantro, most of the shops were already closed. We stopped by The Breadery to grab croissants for Tito Rocky, but it was already sold out. Actually, the store was already closed when we got there. Luckily, they still let us in to buy. I got this Almond Milk Bread for my mom at 40% off.  Full as we were, we still wanted dessert and ice cream seemed like the best option coz it’s not too heavy, like, say, cake or something. Mad Mark’s was already closed for the night so we made our way to Backyard for the homemade ricotta ice cream. NOM

Looking forward to more food trips and cousin lakads! 
So that was my Saturday night! My Saturday morning was spent in bed, binging on New Girl, not wanting to do anything else. Ahh, I love weekends!
PS- Thank you Coco Martin for jamming up Xavierville Ave. That was one of the loooongest rides to Katipunan, and I’ve had 16 years of daily drives in that route. 


Arriving home after our 3 week vacation was unsettling for me. My room didn’t feel like mine. I felt like I was in someone else’s abode. It didn’t feel like my refuge. Yeah, I grew up in this room, but it doesn’t help that there have been changes to it when I left for Singapore and it inadvertently became a stock room for my mom. Not that I blame her for that. Besides, most of my things that are still in this room are remnants from the person I was, not the one I’ve become. I guess it hit me much worse this time, because coming back from a long trip, you want to go home. And honestly, it really made me homesick for my room in Singapore.

So, what do I do? Aside from drafting a floor plan and thinking of ways on how to reclaim my room, I send a two word message to our WhatsApp group – “Alis tayo?” Looking back, I guess it was my way of subconsciously grasping for a base since a concrete one wasn’t available. It was a long shot, but my friends (being my awesome friends) were like “Oo!!!!” and “Game kami mamayang gabi” and “Sinong game tonight?”, long story short, we all made our way to the Fort (thanks Gio!) and I found myself surrounded by a far better base.  It was a night of good food and good company. Arnold asked me if I still had plans to leave Manila or if I was finally settling down here. I said I still wanted cooler climates, to which he replied, “but this is home“. Looking around the table, I can only nod my head in agreement. Damn you, guysssss!!! Maybe it’s a Capricorn thing but Arnold was also like “sobrang saya, I don’t want this night to end!” hahahahaha Hi Arns! Sabi mo natutuwa ka when you’re in this blog. Anyway.

I was lucky enough that the past couple of months afforded me time with my favorite people who are geographically far (Singapore, USA, Australia). Now, I feel that it’s time to slow down and enjoy chill moments in Manila with the people who I dearly missed the four years I was away. And re-do my room. And generally, just to savor being home. (Side note: I am still hopiiiing for this home! AGHH!!!)

Dinner at Sweet Ecstasy – OMG, so gooooood!!! No wonder Mar Roxas went here for a burger when he lost the presidential elections. Since Arnold and I are cutting calories (we coincidentally go to the same gym too!) we shared a burger, wings, and onion rings. We then drank back the calories we saved. HAHA!
There are 2 kinds of people in this picture – those who play Pokemon Go and those who don’t. 
And on this picture, there’s only one kind- those who need to go home and be a buzzkill to those who play. HAHAHA Thank you, Solis!!!!!!

Hope your long weekend is going well!


{Temt top, H&M pants, Zara bag, CLN sandals}

Oh my God, what happened to July!? It REALLY whizzed on by! Who would’ve thought that we’d see Hiddleswift and Kim’s exposé!? Hahahaha Just kidding. That’s not the path I’d want to go into for this (long overdue) blog post. But if you wanna discuss it, feel free to message me, lol. But I’d probably enjoy it more if we talk about President Duterte’s SONA. Starting off with how awesome Gina Lopez is for DENR, how inspired I am by our president, and how there were still people who ignored the freakin’ dress code.


July has been one crazy month. For starters, I’ve spent the past 3 weekends out of town – Boracay, Bataan, and Cebu. Two Mondays of which were spent sick in bed, with the last one extending until the Thursday I had to fly out. Guys, seriously, Conzace – best for recovery! And Fern-C if it’s just starting out. Haha! I’ve also started working! I know I said I would pursue a different industry, but guess what, I’m back in logistics. At the same company at that. I mean, yeah, now it’s Manila. So it’s an all new learning curve for me, but hey, we’ll see how it goes. Like I said, it’s the side of the industry that I enjoy so I’m very optimistic. Although it entails a long ass commute. One of which was when I spent a Friday afternoon stressing about the coding window closing, only to be talked sense into by Mang Loloy that  yaaaa-huh, I’m not gonna die if the window closes in on me. I’m just gonna need to pay the fine and collect my license from City Hall, if ever, but other than that? I wasn’t gonna die or anything serious. Yeah, it’s a hassle but, what to do?! Traffic, eh. And it’s not like I can ditch work altogether. It was a good realization that sometimes shit happens. As much as you try to avoid it, sometimes it’s bound to happen. You just roll with the punches because sometimes what you’re worried about doesn’t have any concrete basis.. and that your worries are far scarier than the actual reality. 

The above photos were snapped by my fashion mentor (and mother in general!), Luis, when we were in Cebu for Ayala’s Style Origin. Can you believe that it has been ongoing for 5 years now AND that we were part of the FIRST one?! It was great to do fashion again after 4 years away. The high after a show?! PRICELESS. It was also a reminder that I shouldn’t stop pursuing things that make me happy.  That I should find ways to make time and balance everything that feeds my soul. And making sure that I’m not neglecting my health and body, as my parents have been constantly lecturing me this month. It’s not fun being sick!!! (But it is fun to spend time with friends and family! In my defense, I’ve been away from Manila for 4 YEARS and I am dying to catch up with everyone, even if it means foregoing rest. It’s like runner’s high, you don’t feel tired until after, haha! I WILL DO BETTER BALANCING THIS FRONT, PROMISE!!!)

What about you!? This catch up shouldn’t be one-sided! Let me know what you’ve been up to or simply link me your latest blog post below. I’d love to hear about how your month is going! Or maybe let’s exchange Snapchat ids? Mine is heyrocketgirl. I’m flying to Singapore tomorrow so that should mean more interesting snaps.

And just when you thought that this post couldn’t be any more longer, here’s my current LSS and the namesake of this blog post.


Currently No. 15:- WHATTUP JULY!!!!! It’s officially the beginning of the second half of the year and I couldn’t be more pumped! Definitely started it on a high note – I drove again after how many years (!) from my house to the GYM. It may only have been 2.2 km (I checked Google Maps, haha!) but it was the longest 2.2 km of my life with jeepneys, tricycles and that stressful EDSA U-Turn + sudden left to Timog Ave. But I made it! The same couldn’t be said regarding my actual workout, hahaha! I did 1 instead of 3 rounds but I promise to do better tomorrow. Let’s do this gradually. Learn to listen to your body or else have another blackout, hahaha With that said, my unfit butt let Mang Loloy drive on the way back. And funny story, we wore matching colors today. It’s not even the common colors like red or blue or black. It was… NEON GREEN. Hahahah

About Cusp Signs. I’ve never fully identified myself as a Capricorn and it actually makes sense coz being born on January 17 means that I am also influenced by Aquarius. I know not a lot of people care about zodiac signs and what not, but I always find it interesting to read up on. Yes, we make our own destinies. And yes, I still feel that the universe and its energies can affect us.

A proposed travel itinerary including daily schedule and expenses. I AM SO EXCITED! Spoiler alert: my mom and I won’t be pushing through our Spain-Italy travel plans from last year, BUT something else is in the works. So, yay!
Open Arms by RKCB x Demo Taped – super chill music! Will you be my shelter? Will you be my open arms?♬
Will you be my shelter? Will you be my open arms?♬ – CHOS! If I could squeeze in 2 blog posts for tonight before I leave. We’ll all find out later! (Side note: I wasn’t able to finish even 1! I’m at Ingrid’s place finishing this up, haha!)

Excited for later! Going to see my Singapore CQ gang – the best wing team in the history of Ladies’ Night. Hahaha!

Being able to spend time with my favorite people, catching up, laughing at how silly we were and at the same time recognizing each other’s personal growth. Cue in One Direction here, “you and me got a whole lot of history!!!

To work on the best version of myself. This 2016 second half will be dedicated committed to that.

Discipline to sustain the above.

For a smooth, peaceful, and prosperous next 6 years under President Duterte and Vice President Robredo. Go Philippines!!!

Anyway, happy Friday guys!

PS- the photo above was taken outside our house. Cool, noh?! Or not. Maybe it’s a hazard? And yeah, in case you’re from Singapore and you’re wondering what that is – power lines. Or maybe telephone. But anyway, my point is, in Singapore, all cables are underground. Also cool. 


Just so I wouldn’t end up titling this blog post “Barkada Beach Day” (shout out to post before this one: Ballet Day, hahaha), I thought I’d put something seemingly random and hopefully find the creativity to tie it all in later. Post title is a reference to the Click 5 song that is now a staple in our barkada soundtrack. It was the “it song” back in 2007 so during our beach day back then (photo below!), it would play again and again on the radio. We ended up memorizing the song and even substituting our names in the chorus using different barok accents, hahaha! It’s one of the silly (YET SUPER FUN!) things you can only come up with your bestest girl friends.
I mentioned here that I went to Pico de Loro for some much needed girl time last week. The photos are a bit deceiving coz you’d think we spent the whole 2 days and 2 nights at the beach but in reality, half the time was spent indoors chilling and catching up. OMG, you know we even had a MIDNIGHT ZUMBA SESSION?! Hahahaha! My favorite part of the trip would have to be chatting up a storm in the pool until the lifeguards had to shoo us away, though. GOOD TIMES!!! Wish we were complete though!! Anyway, scroll down to see some beach side snaps (coz the rest of the time, we were too busy to take photos, haha!)

ANDDD, oh, something I learned from the trip: women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes and it’s funny how we all end up equally wanting features we don’t have. So learn to love yourself and if you really want to, work on things you want to improve on. Tomorrow’s the end of my “bed rest” and I am looking forward to some physical activity.  You can check out my thinspiration below, hahaha!

The kalachuchi photo in honor of this one from 2005:-

 MCHS, 2005

And oh, thinspiration? Hehehe!

Batangas, 2007

Okay, so I don’t think I can tie it all in. Hahaha! Maybe it’s because some things never change? Or how some things come into your life unexpectedly and it ends up being a huge part of it? Anyway, here’s the video to the song na lang. Hehehe!

What about you? Do you have any road trip traditions with your friends? Any karaoke songs? Let me know below!


{Cotton On dress, Christian Louboutin pumps, Michael Kors bag}

Last Saturday, I got to enjoy the ballet with my Tita Becky. I was really excited when she messaged me because it’s been a while since I’ve watched ballet and remember how 7-year old me was enthralled by Lisa Macuja Elizalde? Well, this performance was under her company, Ballet Manila for Dance MNL. I was kinda stumped with what to wear coz I personally require myself to wear something dressy for shows as a sign of respect to the performers and their craft. Since it was an afternoon affair, a day dress would’ve sufficed, but have I mention most of my clothes are still in transit from Singapore? Good thing I had this tent dress tucked in the corners of my maleta! (Yep, I haven’t unpacked yet, hahaha!) Even if it was black, it was cotton so it’s not too formal. I also decided to stick with neutral accents (and lipstick) so it wouldn’t look too “dark”.
Anyway, it turned out being such a memorable afternoon, starting off with lunch at a Filipino tradition: Aristocrat. Tita Becky, Sister Delia and I opted for the classic chicken barbecue but Ms. Vicky, another one of Tita’s guests to the ballet who also happens to be the branch manager, thought our table looked sad so she got us to try the fresh lumpia, lumpiang shanghai, and their super yummy sago’t gulaman. Oh my god, I love sago’t gulaman. 
sago’t gulaman, fresh lumpia, lumpiang shanghai, boneless chicken barbeque

After that, it was off to CCP to delight our eyes out. Dance MNL is a “bi-annual festival that celebrates this Filipino dance story of achievement and resilience” and this particular staging of Giselle had an all Ballet Manila cast. It was the debut of Katherine Barkman as the lead for full-length production and my God, she was amazing! I couldn’t believe that she’s only 19 years old! Ballet Manila employs the Vaganova technique so my tita told me to pay close attention to their hands and feet. She didn’t have to tell me coz the dancers’ grace and agility had me so mesmerized! I was like wowwww, I wanna be just like them! They’re so freakin’ graceful and the ballet was really beautiful. I only wish that we had a live orchestra to make something already great even better. 🙂

The gala performance was dedicated to Tita Radaic, Lisa Macuja’s former ballet teacher. Outside the hall, there was this tribute to Tita Radaic and Alice Reyes – two Filipina dance icons. 

Dance Icons: Felicitas Radaic and Alice Reyes
According to the CCP website: “Upon entering the orchestra section, guests are greeted by National Artist for Visual Arts Vicente Manansalas’ brass sculpture the Seven Arts”. I tried to capture the whole thing below (and failed) but it really is such a striking piece!
Seven Arts by Vicente Manansalas

On stage at the Nicanor Abelardo theatre was yet another Filipino icon – Hernando R. Ocampo. I was starring at it for the longest time wondering how long it took him to paint that thing. Sobrang galing!!

Okay fine, I googled and found out that “The main stage curtain is patterned after the Genesis (Simula) painting of the National Artist Hernando Ocampo.” Medyo wild nga naman if he painted the whole thing, hehe!

Selfie or it didn’t happen, lol
this time with Tita Becky. Thank you so much, tita!!!

Guys, let’s acknowledge how effortlessly chic my tita is in her linen dress and Raybans. 
Anyway, during the intermission (and while I was taking photos, hahaha) I saw a rainbow in the freakin’ fountain. How cool is that?!?! Sometimes, you find things in the strangest places talaga.
can you see the rainbow? 🙂
Anyway, I spent the whole of today in bed under house arrest coz according to my mom, I really need to shoo the bug I caught once and for all. Luke told me to go see a doctor last night when I told him I still wasn’t feeling 100%. I laughed and said I’m not in Singapore anymore. MC’s are but a thing of the past and the only medical clearance (and judgement) I need is my mama’s. <- Probably not the wisest thing I said, but I’m sure I’ll get a free pass to go out na when my mom reads this. Hehehe! Oh, to be home again.
Hope your Monday went well!