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{Tallinn, Estonia; October 21-27, 2011}

After almost 18hours of travel since Part 1 and Part 2, I finally arrived in the northmost part of the Baltic States – Estonia. My friend said Estonians would rather be associated with Scandinavia than the Baltic States, so to keep everyone somewhat happy, let’s just call it Baltinavian, haha I first heard about Estonia back in high school when my seatmate, Nelle, fresh from her Eurotrip exclaimed that the most gwapo guys can be found in Estonia. I didn’t really make plans for the week of October 20-27, thinking I’d just go on trips around Poland or Europe with newfound friends from AIESEC but that didn’t really push through. My friends had went home or didn’t have any plans to roam around, and well, my mom isn’t really keen on the idea of me traveling by myself (Taken/Hostel, anyone?). Good thing I got an email from Cha, who was an orgmate in Ateneo, saying she read that I was in Europe. The rest, as they say, is history.

my friend Cha

Speaking of history, it was really nice learning about Estonia’s history. I myself am a history geek and my stay in Europe made me realize how americanized our history classes are. I mentioned it before here, but the Soviet era was just really something else. Traveling through Eastern Europe was such an eye-opener.

War of Independence Victory Column to commemorate those who fought for Estonia’s independence
To left are remnants of Ancient Estonia.
The Parliament Building – it’s so pretty in pink, yes?:)
onward through Toompea
in one of the many viewing decks
see that point in the middle? Buildings can’t go higher than that Church so as to maintain the view. GALING NOH?!
1 euro elk soup and homebrewed beer at the “secret” super yummy and inexpensive cafe in Tallinn Town Hall
Snowflake from DM (a bar in honor of Depeche Mode)
Estonian local beers: Saku and A. Le Coq. I was told never to insult Estonian beer :))

with Cha and Adam
the mandatory time + city shot :))

Tallinn is such a pretty city. No wonder it was the European Capital of Culture for 2011 and its Old Town is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. What made my stay even better was the company. I honest to goodness learned a lot about Estonia and the Estonians from Cha, Ez, Adam, etc. Like the fact that most churches are already closed, Skype originated from Estonia, kaks mean two, and that Eesti is “normal”. When you ask them how they are and they say “normal” don’t take it as a bad sign, it’s affirmative. 😉 More about Eesti in my next travel posts: Baltic Sea + Kadriorg + Rapla soon 😉

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