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I know, I know. I haven’t been updating. Things have been really busy at work lately and whenever I get home, all I wanna do is just plop in bed, watch my TV series or read a book. Basically rest my brain from producing any output. But the past weeks, I’ve been taking my work home too.  I don’t want this lack of creative output to continue. I need things on my blog or else I’ll feel bad about myself later on (hehe!), so it’s time for me to finallyyyy post photos from our London trip last December 2015. I know, I know. Ang tagal na. But hey, I’ve never posted them online before. Plus, at least it’s October and maybe you’ll get ideas if you’re planning to visit the UK some time soon? My next 7 posts will be reeeeally photo heavy, I’ll be sharing with you sights we visited and the food we ate. All of it. If you have questions, I’d be happy to answer them too.  So, let’s start shall we?

Luke and I flew direct on British Airways from Changi to Heathrow. If you’re flying on BA, always remember to check Business Life. It’s a publication by BA, but it’s not always readily available in your seat pockets. The first time I read it, it was, but subsequently, you have to get it from the shelf or ask a copy from the flight attendant. It’s always a good read. But if that’s not really your thing, knock yourself out with the in flight entertainment. I like checking out the foreign films selection on long haul flights coz you never know what gem you’ll stumble into. I know it seemed artsy the way I said it, foreign films selection, but in reality, it’s more of feel good romcoms set in picture pretty locations.

Hello, Heathrow!! We arrived around 5:30 am and it was so nice to step out of the airport and just feel the rush of cold air. We were definitely not in Singapore anymore. It was a much welcomed crisp chill (although soon enough, we hurried back in to arrange our train for the city). 

This is the Heathrow Express on its way to Paddington Station. The Heathrow Express can get a bit tricky. Ask, ask, ask It’s also probably best if you ask people who work there rather than random travelers who may give out the wrong info.

Luke probably wondering why someone would like to take pictures at this ungodly hour after taking a long ass flight. He may or may not be also judging me at this point.

Mood when this picture was taken: Yay, I’m in London!!! I’m finally gonna be able to explore it properly!!! I’m so tired but whatever, I’m in Londonnnn!

Candy coloured clouds during dawn at Notting Hill. NOTTING HILL!!!


The door to our Notting Hill Airbnb apartment aka: our home for the next 8 days. The moment I saw this flat on Airbnb, I fell in love with it. It had 3 flights of stairs but it was worth it. Remember my apartment daydreams? This falls right into it.

Before I show you the flat though, let’s talk about this very British view – CHIMNEYS!!! Ughhhh, how so very non-Asia! HAHA!

Living Room

Sitting Area

All white bathroom are the best!

Bedroom 1


Shortly after arriving, we decided to venture off because I wanted to correct my body clock (spoiler alert – I had jet lag until halfway through the trip). Our plan? Walk around the neighbourhood and head to Portobello Market

Passed by this beautiful church

and this row of charming houses
and then Portobello market!!!
fresh flowers

and foooood!!!

Ang taba ko sa picture na to (I really was fat to be honest, hahah!) but I’m posting it because of the sheer happiness on my face

Nom nom nom – it really was a good sandwich. My first meal for this trip, haha!

Check out the crowd!!! And Luke and I seem to be going the opposite direction, hahah

These houses are so pretty! But it must be a pain having so much pedestrian traffic on weekends.

We then made our way towards Oxford / Bond Street. An area I distinctly remembered from our previous London trip as Ingrid mentioned it was one of her fav areas.

For our first lunch, we went to Ponti’s coz it was nearby and I didn’t really do proper research beforehand on where to eat – a task I am now OC on when traveling. Hehe!

Burratina Pugliese – yummy burrata and cherry tomatoes
Ravioli Piacentini – spinach and ricotta ravioli with sage butter sauce – YUMMMMM!!

Ponti’s Burger 

Another thing about Ponti’s is that it’s so cozy and charming and the restaurant’s design warmth is just perfect for winter.

Starbucks, hehehe!

All smiles from our chill walk

For dinner, we went to the Lebanese restaurant just near our place. It took us less than 10 minutes to walk there.

Hummus and Tabouleh

So, that was our first day in London! Seems jam-packed but it was chill and we had time to nap too. Hehe! That’s winter pala noh, it was my first winter so it was a bit disconcerting to be wrapped in darkness at around 3pm. I also came well prepared in terms of clothing as compared to my last visit. Guys, UNIQLO is the way to go. And also, Qoo10 for lined pants. Inexpensive, pa! 


 {Cole Haan jacket, Bugis top, Cotton On shorts, Steve Madden slip-ons, Anne Klein bag}

Last night, Nadine and I went for dinner in UP Town Center. It wasn’t your usual dinner though coz we hopped from establishment to establishment. We were supposed to go for wings, but ended up greatly disappointed when we found out that Wingman had already closed their UP Town branch.  Lemon Pepper and Garlic Parmesan!!! After a moment of silence (haha!), we then continued our UP Town food crawl.

First stop – Lazy Bastard. We were deciding between the Chili Dog and the Honey Parmesan – ultimately getting the Honey Parmesan – and ohmygod, good stuff, man!!! Definitely want to come back and try the Chili Dog and the Avocadog! The Calamantea was also really good – super refreshing! Hotdog prices are a bit steep, Php200 for the Honey Parmesan, but it was really yummy. Hotdog wrapped in bacon with honey and parmesan, mmm. We then went on in search of a main course coz we originally planned on getting wings, with the range of suggestions going from burgers at Sweet Ecstasy (which we had for lunch, #NOSHAME), the chizza from KFC, to Flaming Wings, but then we agreed to go to Silantro for nachos, then find something else again if we were still hungry (i.e.: Sweet Ecstasy, KFC, Flaming Wings, hahahah).

Guys, Silantro is a good spot for Pokemon Go. Pokestops, Lures, and you get to eat and chill. Hahahaha! Have I mentioned that the nachos are REALLY good too?! Super yummy, BIG portion, and reasonably priced. Good service too! Our bill for the nachos was around Php195. Super sulit! By then, we were already SO FULL. Didn’t see that coming, I honestly thought we’d still have room for legit entrees, haha!

By the time we left Silantro, most of the shops were already closed. We stopped by The Breadery to grab croissants for Tito Rocky, but it was already sold out. Actually, the store was already closed when we got there. Luckily, they still let us in to buy. I got this Almond Milk Bread for my mom at 40% off.  Full as we were, we still wanted dessert and ice cream seemed like the best option coz it’s not too heavy, like, say, cake or something. Mad Mark’s was already closed for the night so we made our way to Backyard for the homemade ricotta ice cream. NOM

Looking forward to more food trips and cousin lakads! 
So that was my Saturday night! My Saturday morning was spent in bed, binging on New Girl, not wanting to do anything else. Ahh, I love weekends!
PS- Thank you Coco Martin for jamming up Xavierville Ave. That was one of the loooongest rides to Katipunan, and I’ve had 16 years of daily drives in that route.