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So this ends the one year ago series. It was quite challenging to post everyday considering I don’t normally do that. And yes, this particular post is quite delayed. Ssh! Hehe! So anyway, after 5 amazing days in Paris, we headed to Gare du Nord to catch our train from Paris to London. London posts are for next time though. :p But for now, I’ll leave you guys with a photo from our first dinner in London when we were all finally complete.



If you’ve been reading my blog since Day 1, you’ll know how much I love Paulo Coelho. In his novel The Zahir, the protagonist and his wife would meet up at Hôtel Le Bristol for hot chocolate and catching up after one of them arrives home from a trip abroad. He wrote about it so beautifully that after passing it during our city stroll, I had to go and see for myself (not to mention I’m a sucker for hot chocolate).

“I reach the Hôtel Bristol, which Esther always described as one of the few hotels in Paris where customers are treated like guests rather than homeless people in search of shelter. I am greeted as if I were a friend of the family; I choose a table next to an exquisite clock; I listen to the piano and look out at the garden.” – The Zahir

The hotel didn’t disappoint! The service was impeccable and the place was just overflowing with charm and chic. No wonder it’s a regarded as one of, if not the top hotel in Paris. Seriously looking forward to the day I have hot chocolate in the room instead of the lobby. ;p



On our fourth day in Paris, the fourth grader in me was jumping up and down because I finally got to see the Louvre. You see, back then, I religiously watched the Filipino-dubbed Anime Sanjūshi or Three Musketeers everyday after school. I would park my butt in front of the tv, eat my merienda, and watch D’Artagnan and co’s adventures. For some reason, I was soooo hooked! Not just on the Alexandre Dumas classic storyline, but more of on the characters and the setting. In fact, I even copied and typed the encyclopaedia entries on Louis XIII, Anne of Austria, Cardinal Richelieu, the Louvre, etc, and printed myself a handout using the black and white MS DOS pc at home. Talk about old school and major geek alert! Hahaha!

One visit to the Louvre (or Luv-rah as improperly pronounced by Abs-Cbn) is not enough, but seeing everything at once is also not advisable. I feel that it is better experienced in chunks coz if you try to see everything in one go, you’ll be physically and mentally tired. So yes, I would love to go back again. I wouldn’t mind an afternoon just admiring the sculpture Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss, followed by people watching and hot chocolate from Paul in the adjacent Jardin des Tuileries.



Pretty awesome view, right? I mentioned about our room’s view in passing here, yes folks, the Eiffel tower can be seen from our room’s mini-balcony. We stayed in Citadines Tour Eiffel along Boulevard de Grenelle and I highly recommend this apart-hotel coz of the location. La Motte-Picquet-Grenelle station is literally at your doorstep and 3(!) metro lines go through it. There’s also a McDonald’s at the corner as well as several shops (H&M and MAC included) that dot Rue du Commerce. If you’re looking for Parisian cafes, there are a lot just across at Avenue de la Motte Picquet and our favorite, Le Zinc, is one of them. Since it’s an apart-hotel, it also gives you a home-y vibe. You feel like it’s actually your apartment, and not just a hotel you’re staying in for the week. Downside though is housekeeping is an added service, but really, I didn’t find it that necessary.

On our Sunday in Paris, first thing we did was visit the weekend market under the metro tracks. (I told you our hotel was awesome, haha!) Fresh fruits, cheeses, and bread, anyone? After getting our breakfast, we then prepared for the day ahead. Our parents have arrived by then so we basically took the day to visit the Eiffel tower and walk around the city together. Perfect chill Sunday.



On our second day, Ingrid and I took the train to the lovely town of Versailles to visit the royal château and gardens. Word to the wise, this place is massive!! We didn’t get the chance to go inside the Trianon and Marie Antoinette’s estate as it closes at 5.30pm, and it was a quite a distance from the main palace. I highly recommend you rent a bike instead of walking all the way. Not only do you get there faster, you get to take cute photos too. :p Cute photos are the least of your worries though, as I found every single corner of this estate picturesque. From the opulent bedrooms, to the majestic hall of mirrors, to the well-manicured gardens, to the intricate statues, and even to the trees – everything was magnifique!

The château is really beautiful and it’s worth one full day of your precious time in Paris. The only downside was going back to the city as there was an issue/accident on the train tracks, so we had to walk all the way to the next station. What sucks though was that there was no announcement, and most of us foreigners were just sitting on the train waiting for it to go. If that incident taught me anything, it’s that I need to work on my French.

I would definitely come back again but maybe in spring so I can see the gardens in its full glory. :p

For more info, visit the Château de Versailles website.


PS- here’s the travel throwback series’ video teaser in case you missed it. 


{topshop dress, promod coat}
We wasted no time on our first day in Paris. Ingrid and I dropped our bags at the hotel, ogled at our view, and then went on to explore the city with our highschool friend, Mia, who was studying in Nantes but was kind enough to come down and show us around a day before she left for her trip to Spain. We had our first glimpse of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel tower on the cab to our hotel, and boy was it so surreal. For someone who dreamt of going to Paris her whole life, it was the dream-come-true moment.We had a closer look at the Eiffel when we had our first meal in Paris – a picnic lunch of baguette, cheese, and cold cuts by the playground in Champ de Mars. We then took the metro to explore the Latin Quarters and had yummy hot chocolate and macarons at Aux Fontaines de Chocolat, a quaint shop near the Notredame. Ingrid and I initially thought we’d go out on our first night, I mean, it was Friday night. However, after our escargot dinner at nearby cafe Le Zinc, we were pooped. We called it in early and had a good night’s sleep to recharge for the next day.

But that’s for tomorrow’s entry. 😉


PS- here’s the travel throwback series’ video teaser in case you missed it.