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Since I’m not able to post outfit photos as of late coz of a busted cam and I don’t want my blog to be filled with just announcements, I figured it’s time to share with you guys the rest of my #europe2011 experience. Perfect timing too, coz I’m about to embark on another hashtag worthy adventure – but that’s for another time. 😉
{Bialystok Train Station ; October 20, 2011}
My AIESEC program officially ended last October 24 but since Iuliia and I had that week off, I figured I’d jumpstart my journey to the rest of Europe after our sessions in the highschools ended. I thought it would be better to take the remaining days and explore elsewhere since it’s not everyday I get to fly to Europe. I had two more weeks til my Schengen visa expires and I planned on taking in as much of continent as I could possibly could.
Being at the train station around 4:30 in the morning and having only an hour of sleep made the moment all the more surreal. 6 weeks went by so fast, my internship had already ended, and I had to say goodbye to everything that I’ve just gotten used to – living with 4 other crazy girls plus our organizers in a small city that had charmed me off my feet. It was all so bittersweet. As much as I fell in love with Bialystok, I knew there was still so much to see. 
my train ticket to Warsaw
I was on my way to Tallinn but the coach I booked departs from Warsaw. It’s a pretty stupid move coz Bialystok is already much closer to Tallinn but at that time, I prioritized booking convenience rather than actual travel convenience. 😐 Lesson learned though!
Here’s my train! It was my first time to travel alone by train (I took the shuttle from Warsaw to Bialystok and I was with AIESECers when we went to Warsaw) so I was pretty nervous coz what if I missed my stop?! Good thing I didn’t 🙂 Here’s a tip, set an alarm around 20 minutes from your expected arrival time.
My closest Ukrainian girl friend, Iuliia aka Mafia, also departed from Bialystok that morning. Although her train wasn’t until 6, she came along to train station with me anyway. She was like my sister in Poland. A lot of crazy adventures with this girl topped off with heart to heart conversations about life and everything in it. I MISS HER!
Iuliia and I with our organizers, Krystian and Rafal, also known as our bag carrying helpers 🙂 We’ve gone full circle, they were also the ones who met with us when we first arrived in Bialystok.
kisses for Bialystok

until next time, Bialymstoku!

this way to Warsaw
Upon arriving at Warsawa Centralna, I had around an hour and a half to kill so I had coffee in honor of the city I just left – Cafe Biala (or white coffee). I really appreciated how helpful the Polish were as I lugged my bag across a flight of stairs – thank you kind strangers who helped me 🙂

the then unfinished Warsaw stadium for the ongoing Euro 2012

Traveling by land is not only cheaper but more scenic too. Got to see more of Warsaw that morning and I realized that my one day there wasn’t enough. Warsaw has a lot to offer and it’s too bad that we only spent one day there and I wasn’t able to appreciate it much as I should’ve. Definitely gonna come back!

back in Bialystok

Yes, it was pretty stupid of me to travel to Warsaw only to pass by Bialystok before crossing the border to Lithuania then Latvia then finally Estonia. But at least I got to see more of Warsaw and my bus was really comfy and pretty cheap too. 🙂 Oh and see that tray on the bottom left? It’s a charging station. 

the mandatory time + city + phone shot that pretty much ends this “chapter” as we’ll be crossing the border soon. Watch out for Part 2! 😉


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Hey guys! Here’s an exciting opportunity that I’m dying to share with you- how would you like to spend a week in the stunning Krakow, Poland and take a fashion course? I KNOW! How awesome is that!? I got so excited when I read the email that I just had to share it! I’ve spent 8 amazing weeks in Poland last year, and believe me, you’ll love Poland! Kocham Polska! Haha The Polish are really nice and Krakow (although I wasn’t able to visit it at the time) is one of the, if not THE most beautiful city in Poland (next to my forever love: Bialystok, haha). Interested?? Here are the details:

Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design, one of the best
European fashion schools, is offering week-long summer courses. For those who want
to get a grasp of fashion photography, fashion design, visual merchandising,
photography or interior design, this is a great opportunity to combine it with a
holiday in the vibrant art & fashion capital of Poland.

Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design is giving away some places at
their Summer School (taught in English) taking place this July and August in Krakow, Poland. To apply for a free course, please visit their website. The school also offers a full graduate study program based on 20 years
of experience. Pictured above is actually the  design of their graduate Lucja Wojtala photographed by Piotr Kierat. The departments of Fashion Design, Photography and Choreography recently
opened their doors to foreign students. More information can be found here.

So click away my friends! And have yourself a great time in Poland! Nazdrowie! 😀

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To sweet beginnings and bitter endings
In coffee city, we borrowed heaven
Don’t give it back, winter is coming and I need to stay warm
In the heat of summer sunshine
I miss you like nobody else.
– Summer Sunshine by The Corrs ♫
Okay, so it wasn’t quite summer and the heat was nonexistent when these photos were snapped a month ago outside our dorm in Bialystok. I was actually wearing a coat over this outfit which I took off for blogging purposes (see photo below, haha). :p But in the heat of Manila’s perenially-summer sunshine, I find myself missing days in Poland. For some reason, it feels like a dream to me. Like today, I was stuck in traffic along Edsa and I couldn’t help but think how different things were only a month ago. To something as shallow as yogurt being way cheaper in Poland as compared to here (the price of the small one here is the same as the price of the big one there, unfair) to the deeper stuff like having more independence there. And also there’s the other thing that’s carefully concealed within this entry that hopes to nudge someone. Tak, cie. Hope you get sunshined soon 🙂

photo snapped by Nino as I was taking off my coat 😉

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Meet my favorite pair of jeans from Pull and Bear. 🙂 I didn’t pack any denim in my #europe2011 suitcase with the closest being my jeggings but when the temperature began to drop, I knew I needed something warmer. BUT!! as I found out, jeans doesn’t do any good you should be wearing wool and the like, haha! Oh well! At least I ended up taking home with me the ultimate pair for me – coz we all know how hard it is to find the perfect pair. 😉

Speaking of perfect pair, I’m really so lucky to have met the perfect pair of roomies: Iuliia and Nino. I’ve never had a roomie before so I’m really thankful to have had these two as my first ever roomies. 😉 Shout out also goes to Luz and Oksana who we three shared a room with on the latter end of our internship. 🙂

another beautiful day in Poland 🙂

Nino and I posing with the Bialystok football team logo – Go Jagiellonia! 🙂

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Biaystok, Poland

One of the things I brought home with me from my trip was a new favorite song: Junk of the Heart by The Kooks. Thought I’d share it with you along with this outfit shot with fall leaves which is pretty ironic coz I’m listening to it here in Kalibo. 🙂


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Bialystok, Poland – October 13, 2011
{topshop dress, dorothy perkins jacket, parisian shoes}

This was from my last day of classes in Poland. 🙂 After class, Iuliia and I decided to walk around the city and we visited two places we’ve always passed but never entered – the white church and the Branicki palace. Sometimes we tend to overlook the things that’s right in front of us. 😉

playing with autumn leaves outside the white church

inside the Branicki palace turned university. this so doesn’t look like a university lobby! haha
♫ So live like you mean it,
love til you feel it
it’s all that we need in our lives.
so stand on the edge with me,
hold back your fear and see 
nothing is real til it’s gone.
-Goo Goo Dolls


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Auchan, Bialystok – Oct 15, 2011

One of the lessons I learned in my #europe2011 journey is that you should never let the sunlight fool you. Remember I said here that my defiance didn’t yield the same results the next day? Well, the picture here is from the next day. 😉 Before we left the dorm, Nino asked me if I was sure this is all I’ll be wearing. I said yes because a) it was sunny and b) Auchan was just near our dormitory. Big mistake coz although it was sunny, it was really cold. It wasn’t that bad on our way to Auchan but the walk back home was horrible! The wind was blowing really hard and even Nino, with her warm clothes, got cold. We ended up running back home coz it was just too unbearable. Hahaha 🙂


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Bialystok, Poland – Oct 14, 2011

Spot the difference in Nino and I’s outfit. They were teasing me that day for wearing a temperature inappropriate outfit, haha! The gloves and the hat came only at nightfall and as for shoes, there was no space for extra boots in my purse. :p My 116 girls found this so ironic that they just had to take a picture of the bundled-up Georgian girl with the supposed to be not used to the cold island girl. I just thought I’d defy the cold towards the latter days of my stay in Bialystok and besides, it wasn’t that bad. Can’t say the same about the next day but that’s for the next entry 😉

Have a great Sunday!

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Railway Station, Bialystok – Oct 17, 2011

116. Jeden jeden szesc. I’ve been mentioning that quite a few times in my blog and in case you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say that, I’m referring to our first dorm room and my roomies Iuliia and Nino. 🙂 The three of us bonded quite a lot during our first month that we even said we’re Charlie’s Angels. Of course, being Asian, I was Lucy Liu. Hahaha. Anyway, on this particular day I figured I’d channel the Charlie’s Angels vibe and don all black. Besides, it was our 3rd to the last day in Bialystok and I was mourning, haha

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Terespol, Poland – Oct 9, 2011 | hype this look on Lookbook and Chictopia

One of the highlights of my stint in Poland is going to a traditional Polish wedding. Thanks to our friend Piotr, Iuliia and I were able to go on a roadtrip to Terespol, attend the church wedding of Ola and Krzysiek, witness first hand the crazy fun all-nighter reception, and importantly, debunk a stereotype we’ve made about Polish couples. 😉 If you wanna immerse yourself into a foreign country, I suggest you attend their weddings – culture at its best. 🙂

the happy couple 🙂 okay so before attending their wedding, Iuliia and I came up with a stereotype about Polish newlyweds – they’re not happy. This is because whenever we’d see a couple having their wedding pictures taken in the City Centre of Bialystok, they don’t look happy. As in they don’t even hold hands while walking! Good thing this particular wedding made us rethink our stereotype 🙂 Coz seriously, Ola and Krzysiek looked so happy and in love 🙂

the hall

the table setting. check out our name tags! haha thanks so much Piotr for taking us and to Ola for allowing it 🙂

the meat section

got to try the samagon too

this was served past midnight. it was literally, party, eat, party, eat, party, eat 🙂

the wedding cake

SOME TRADITIONS: 1) guests line up to personally give their gifts and say their wishes to the couple, 2) the first dance, 3) the bouquet+garter ceremony had the guys dancing around, 4) the paid dance with the couple, sort of like our money dance

and of course the major Polish tradition and stereotype: WODKA. 😉

Cheers to the newlyweds! Sto lat! 🙂

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