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BKK FOODIE DIARY: EMACK & BOLIO’S อีแม็ก แอนด์โบลิโอส์

American food isn’t something that will come to mind upon arriving in Thailand but seeing the line in Emack & Bolio’s CentralWorld magnetized us (okay, me) to join the line and try their ice cream. It’s not the ice cream per se but more of the total dessert experience that comes from choosing your cone to finally putting the treat in your mouth. Wanted to share that experience with you guys because aside from Bangkok, they’re only available in Abu Dhabi and 4 US states. Documentation can be found below and I hope you guys enjoy and join me in wishing they branch out to Singapore and Manila soon! 🙂
The queue at Emack & Bolio’s was really long but don’t be disheartened as the wait isn’t. Best to join the line right away as it never ends! We already saw the crowd before dinner at Tha Siam Eak ท่าสยามเอก and it was still there after. They literally never ran out of customers when we were there!
Choose your cone! It’s basically cereal marshmallow-glued to the cone, not advisable if you’re on a diet but so so sooo worth it!
A quick look at the flavors they offer. The ones with the orange stickers weren’t available, but you can check their website for the full list of flavors. Having such a long queue behind made it quite difficult to choose coz I’m the type that normally takes my time, looks at the case, and asks for recommendations. So if you’re like me, best come prepared 😉
The finished product: Chunk o’ Funk – caramel ice cream with oreos and chocolate covered pretzels – in a coco puffs cone and a Deep Purple Cow – black raspberry ice cream with white and dark choc chips – in a black and white cone (rice krispies and coco puffs).

EMACK & BOLIO’S อีแม็ก แอนด์โบลิโอส์ is located at Central World 4, 4 / 1-2, 4 / 4, Ratchadamri Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 103300



Stumbled upon this eye-catching eatery when we were walking around Central World. We had no clue as to what they were serving but the interiors were really cute and we figured it was likely to be Thai food, so why not? I honestly am not sure what I had for dinner that day, haha! They don’t really speak in English and the menu was as vague as it can get; but the broth was rich and it had beef, so I daresay it was okay. 🙂 Funny thing is, I thought I checked-in this place but when I went through Foursquare, it wasn’t there! I spent the afternoon trying to Google the name of this place; I even tried to copy the Thai characters in the search box but it led me to a spa… thank God for Open Rice! So yes, this is a foodie diary for Tha Siam Eak ท่าสยามเอก. 🙂
Tha Siam Eak ท่าสยามเอก is located at Central World, 6th Floor, Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330


Here’s a rather colourful photo diary of the sights, colors, and plates from my recent trip to Bangkok. Stayed in the Pratunam area for the nth time, but unlike the previous times, I didn’t spend most of my holiday in the fashion market. I can’t fit into the free size Thai garments anymoreeee!! 🙁 But it’s all good coz more than clothes, Thailand is known for their food. It was such a treat to feast upon local cuisine and to try out international eateries that aren’t available in Singapore and the Philippines. Most of it was reasonably priced too, except perhaps the seafood restaurant we went to. Luckily for my wallet, that was the dinner sponsored, along with our fare and accommodations, by our company. Really thankful for opportunities to travel and even more #blessed to do so for free and together with nice people (my boyfriend included, hehe!). I have a few more land of smiles posts coming up, hopefully, it’ll make you smile too 😉