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Friday, Friday, FRIDAAAAY! Since it’s the beginning of the weekend, I thought I’d share with you 3 drinking spots worth checking out in Singapore. Because, Friday!  But first, to get you in the mood, and because I’m listening to it right now, this song –

I just wanna dance, I feel gooooooood ♬ 


The below aren’t dancing places. HAHAHA! But it is, for me, wishful drinking coz of the distance between me and the little red dot. So, yeaaa, good save for putting this video here. And my title suddenly made sense, noh?! Hehe! Anyway, before I babble some more, check out three watering holes I visited before saying “adios!” to Singapore. Grab a drink for me, ya?

1. Bird Bird

Another baby of Bjorn Shen, aka the man behind Artichoke and one of my favorite chefs in the world, Bird Bird is, according to Facebook, an amateur sports team a Thai chicken eatery. It’s nestled in a shophouse along Ann Siang, so if you want food to go with your Friday night drinks, this is the spot. I didn’t particularly enjoy my punch because I’m not a fan of passion fruit (then why’d you order, Reg?!?) but Luke liked it and I looooved his spiked Thai milk tea cocktail. YUM! They also offer beer if cocktails aren’t your thing, but I urge you to try the milk tea drink. 🙂 I was commenting that Bird Bird is a nice place for first dates coz the atmosphere is chill, but then if you’re gonna eat the wings, your poise will plummet so maybe save it for the 5th date? HAHA! Buuuut I loooove the crispy noodle dish with century egg. It was ingenious! Real refreshing too!

“Bird Bird Satisfry You Long Time”
the yummy crunchy noodle salad thing I mentioned earlier, YUM!!!
chai yo!!!
first date topics: that crazy ass chandelier
thai chicken wings (dip it in that sauce!!!) and umami corn
Bird Bird is located at 18 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069698

2. Little Island Brewing Company

This was such a surprise to me! Who would’ve thought there’s a craft brewery in Changi Village!?!? Good thing my Tita Mato mentioned it when we met up for one last catch up before I flew back. I wish we did this more when I was living in Singapore! So anyway, Little Island Brewing Company. The name’s quite a mouthful, but hey, foreshadowing of the many big gulps you’ll be having? Hehe! They brew their own beer every morning and it’s on automated tap. HOW COOL IS THAT?! There’s a card which you load value in and then you just tap it and then you pour your own beer. I went straight for Ruby Tuesday, which I was told was one of the strongest, just because the name incorporates two of my favorites – color (Red) and day of the week. Yes, I know, I’m shallow like that, but the beer was really good! I took a taste of all brews (don’t judge!) and I really liked this one. 🙂

 beers on tap
 kegs and kegs and the huuuuge ass space (although you don’t really see it in the picture, hahahaha!). 
 a closer look at the self-service tap. It ranges around $3.00-ish/100 mL
Little Island Brewing Co. is located at 6 Changi Village Rd, Singapore 509907

3. Bar Stories

My faaavorite bar in Singapore for cocktails. So much so that I had to get one last drink before I left. They serve bespoke drinks, much like Ah Sam, but I prefer Bar Stories, maybe because I used to live in Beach Road and it was super close by? Hehe! It has a very cozy vibe, chill music (even fell in love with this song here!), and the drinks are REALLY yummy as it is creative and pretty. Their cocktails always leave me impressed.  And oh! If you can, try the pizza!

chill is the way to go 😉
 berries and bubbly + a mojito-ish drink
the art behind the drink
 a closer look at the yummy drink that got me hooked to this place, hehe!
Poojie’s tom yum inspired drink, Luke’s sour drink with salt and yuzu and other yum things, and my fruity berry drink with lychee pellets, ugghhhh!
Bar Stories is located at 55-57A Haji Lane, Singapore 189248
Enjoy your Friday night! Any plans for tonight?? I’m probably just gonna stay in, HAHA! 🙂


Day 3 of being unemployed, and I am actually feeling productive. Have been cooking meals, have done batches of laundry (and tidied up!), and my boxes have just arrived which means I should be packing soon. I am hoping my productivity streak will flow over into packing because to be honest, looking at these 2 empty boxes and then the rest of my room and then back at the boxes, is VERY daunting. You mean to say I need to pack all these into that?! I mean, I can get more boxes should the need arise, but just the thought of physically stuffing everything from my 4 years here is already draining me out. Hence, my afternoon break of Matcha Tea Latte while blogging. This Tea Latte is good but I think the ultimate morning, afternoon, evening, treat in general, is hot chocolate. And Le chocolat chaud à l’ancienne dit «l’Africain» from Angelina tops my list. 
Okie, first thing’s first – this isn’t for everyone. It’s very thick and rich and chocolatey and not everyone is gonna love it. I went to Angelina in the Capitol Piazza here in Singapore and my mom and boyfriend said it was good but it was TOO MUCH. To which I replied, what do you mean too much?! And then proceeded to pour myself more servings, hahaha! We also ordered a cheese platter, because chocolate and cheese? Why not?! It was a very chill afternoon in this French favorite. 

Angelina is located at 15 Stamford Rd, 01-82, Singapore 048616

Side note- Please, please, pleeeease take me back to France 


Because brunch is such a big thing here in Singapore (I’m not complaining, I LOOVE IT!), I figured I’d post about some eateries I’ve visited and share my honest reviews in case you happen to be in the area or you know, you need new brunch spots. Bon appétit! 

1. Selfish Gene Cafe @ China Town

Nestled in a shophouse in Craig Road, this cafe prides itself with being selfish with the food they serve. Meaning, Gene is super picky and wouldn’t serve food he himself wouldn’t eat. Really enjoyed the truffle fries and the Iced Chai Latte. The Strawberry+Candied Bacon toast was good, although it gets overbearing after some time – best to share. 

2. Prive @ Chijmes

Brunch lovers rejoice; no need to go all the way to Sentosa! For Eggs Benedict fans, their straightforward serving is sure to check all the boxes – generous hollandaise, runny egg, and yummy smoked ham and homemade bacon. If traditional brunchfare isn’t your thing, 2 words: wagyu burger. It’s alfresco dining in Chijmes so it can get a bit warm, dress accordingly.

3. Marmalade Pantry @ ION Orchard

Take a break from shopping at ION and grab a meal at Marmalade Pantry – that is, if you don’t mind waiting for a table. Since it’s in the busiest mall in Orchard Road, it goes without saying that there is always a queue. The mains weren’t as strong as their desserts so I’m thinking maybe next time, skip brunch and just go for coffee and cake.

Have you guys been? Any thoughts? Or, what about YOUR favorite brunch spots whatever city you’re in? Let me know below!

Selfish Gene Cafe is located at 40 Craig Rd, Singapore 089678
Prive is located at 30 Victoria St, Chijmes, Singapore 187996
Marmalade Pantry is located at 2 Orchard Turn, #03-22 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801


Exactly one week ago, I had the privilege to sample Spicy Thai ~ Thai Cafe together with a bunch of bloggers. Going to a food tasting with actual food bloggers really got me to step up my photography game, man! Haha! Not that it was any problem because they brought out dish after dish of mouthwatering goodness. I was sooo hungry just looking at the food and don’t get me started on the aromas – YUM! I was pleasantly surprised by the not-so-usual Thai entrees and the owner’s commitment to authenticity. They use charcoal, even if it requires more hard work, to keep the food simmering at a constant heat because as Mr. Ron Poh said “We do not want our customers to be compromised, we want them to enjoy Thai food the authentic way“. Being an avid Thailand visitor, he chose dishes that the Thai people normally enjoy, and no, it doesn’t include Pineapple Rice which was actually made to cater to Westerners who are fans of Raisin Rice. You learn something new everyday, no? Anyway, check out the delicious North-Eastern Thai dinner we had and I dare you not to get a craving. 

Hommok Thai Style Otak (SGD 18) – I’m not really a fan of otak (grilled fish cake from minced fish, spices, etc) but I loooved this Thai version which is creamier and more appetizing than the regular otak 
Larb Moo Tok (SGD 12) – The minced pork balls were really spicy, but there’s actually a trick to it – you eat it with the raw veggies provided for balance. I was a bit skeptical but when I tried it, it worked really well. (Side note: I think it’ll also go well with a glass of Singha, hehe!)
Deep Fried Kang Kong with Special Thai Sauce (SGD 10) – I’ve always loved Deep Fried Kang Kong. Spicy Thai serves it ala fries instead of ala chips (like the one in Dencio’s where I’ve first tried it and loved it) and it’s more dangerous coz you just munch and munch and munch. But at least it’s vegetable? Hehe! 
Fish Maw Crabmeat Abalone Soup in Coconut (SGD 28) – a really interesting soup dish because  of the various textures that come with every spoonful. As complex as it looks (coconut? abalone? fish maw?), the elements work well together in creating a sumptuous treat. 
BBQ Squid and Squid Roe (Seasonal Price) – I hate it when squid is rubbery, Spicy Thai’s wasn’t. It was tasty and tender and I admit to having seconds, hehe! They only use Japanese squid, which I learned is sweeter than normal squid. There’s also the squid roe on the side and it reminded me of bagoong
Lala Bee Hoon (SGD 18) – Clams, clams, and more clams! I love how they didn’t scrimp on the clams. The bee hoon has fully absorbed the essence of the clams that you can taste it even if its all just noodles in your mouth.
BBQ Pork Belly (SGD 18) – this dish is sooo Filipino! Hehe! I loved the marinade used which was a bit sweet but best of all, I love the cook on the pork – juicy, soft, and just the right amount of char on the outside. 
 Deep Fried Sea Bass with Mango Salad (SGD 18) – probably my favorite from the night! The fried sea bass in itself was good, crunchy on the outside and soft and flaky on the inside, but dip it in the mango salad?! OH MY GOD. Delicious x 100! 
 Thai Walking Cat Fish with Spicy Lemon Soup (SGD 35) – it took every ounce of strength I had to refrain from attacking this dish as soon as they served it. It smelled soooooo good! The taste didn’t disappoint too, it was bursting with aromatic flavors. 
Thai Style Curry Crab (Seasonal Price) – if you want a change from the usual Chili or Pepper crab, you’re gonna enjoy this Curry Crab. It’s spicy, but not overwhelmingly so, perfect if you want something distinctly Thai for your crustacean.

Behind the Scenes. #thestruggleisreal

Honey and her husband, Alvin, Rocket Girl, FarrahCherry – Good times with this bunch! Thank you so much to Honey and Christina for inviting us to this culinary treat! 🙂 Had so much laughs with these folks!

our dinner spread

If you want to go beyond the Pad Thai, Tom Yum and Pineapple Rice, Spicy Thai is your best bet. It’s reasonably priced and the amount of care they put into every dish is really apparent. It’s the perfect spot for your intro to North-Eastern Thai food. 

Spicy Thai ~ Thai Cafe is located at 115 Aljunied Avenue 2, #01-35, Singapore 380115


Had a couple big shocks yesterday. For someone whose days are all normally chill, that’s really eventful. First, there was a blast on the side of my desk. I was typing up a quote (a rate quotation; not exactly the kind of quote I wish I were writing, hehe!), when there was a loud BOOM and I saw sparks flying on my periphery. Turns out the adapter I was using to charge my phone shorted or fused or I don’t really know what the correct technical term is, but yeah, it exploded.

I’m thinking that maybe it’s my karma for not finding ways to return it to its proper owner. I shifted cubicles this year and my ex-colleague left her hot pink adapter plugged in. Needless to say, I’ve been using it since. (In the odd chance that you’re reading this, I’m sorry, Sonya!!) I was under the impression that my phone charges faster when plugged directly rather than on to the computer, so yeah, it was convenient. Well, it had been, until it went out with a bang, but anyway. Lesson learned, I will not use other people’s things without their knowledge. And oh, speaking of lessons, how to clean char marks? Toothpaste. Thank you, Google.

After work, Luke and I went to Changi Village to check out Chock Full of Beans. They offer 3D latte art and me being me, I wanted to try it because it looked sooo cute. Guys, they should rename themselves to Shiokfull of Beans. Their coffee was AMAZING. I thought since the drink already looked cute, they wouldn’t bother with the actual coffee (OMG, stop stereotyping, Reg!!!), but I was soooo wrong!!! I got the Hazelnut Latte and it was PERFECT.
So perfect that I was wide awake til 4 in the morning. Hahaha! But seriously, it was one of the best coffees I’ve ever had and I’m pretty sure I’d feel the same even without the latte art. They use a La Marzocco espresso machine, a brand I was familiar with because the book I’ve finished reading the night before, Cupcake, had the protagonist practically worshiping it. What are the odds that I’ll see it the next day, noh!?

The food was okay. I enjoyed my Cubano and the parma ham in the platter. Pasta was underseasoned. Like I said, food was okay. I would go back in a heartbeat for the Hazelnut Latte, though. 
Not bad for a Thursday, noh?
So yay! It’s FRIDAY! Weekend’s coming up! That, I saw coming. I’ve been eyeing it since Monday, haha! Congrats to us for surviving another week.


I’ve said this a million times, I loooove Japanese food. Lucky for me, my boyfriend shares the same liking. We could eat Japanese food everyday and you won’t hear us complain. One of our go-to’s is  Fish Mart Sakuraya. I first learned of this place on my first year in Singapore when my boss and some colleagues and I went to Parkway Parade to buy Christmas dinner goodies. Good thing too because I wouldn’t have thought that you could actually dine inside. I mean, would you? It looks like an ordinary Japanese grocery store when you pass it from the outside.

The storefront. SEE! You wouldn’t have given it a second glance (if you don’t cook)! 

But if you go further inside, you see this: Fresh Catch Dining. YUM!

What does this actually mean? Well, for starters, you get to choose your raw food and how much of it. It’s priced per gram so you get to see the portions and gauge for yourself how much you want. You grab a packet and give it to the counter for them to slice up and serve. I find that this makes sashimi cheaper than if you order from restaurants.

The chiller filled with salmon, tuna, hamachi, sea urchin, scallops, crabs, squids, shrimps, everything!

If sashimi isn’t your thing, don’t worry, they also serve cooked food and yes, they make rolls too. It’s a casual japanese dining experience that doesn’t scrimp on quality. It’s no frills but you know it’s high standard. I’ll let the photos (collected over time) do the talking, but please don’t scroll if you’re hungry!

Okay, bye guys. I’m gonna go for dinner now. 

Sakuraya Fish Mart is located at 80 Marine Parade Road #B1-84D, Parkway Parade Singapore 449269


One of the special skills I’ve learned living in Singapore is eating spicy food. It was something I wouldn’t dare touch in my previous life, but now, not only can I stand it, I actually look for it in certain dishes like the famous Thai delicacy: Tom Yum soup. From small restaurants under HDB blocks to chains lining up malls, Singapore has a lot of Thai places. Unfortunately, there are times when chains underwhelm by a mile as compared to more authentic, by far cheaper, alternatives. BaliThai is not one of those chains. “Commercialized” as it is, with 10 restaurants around the island, it’s really VERY yummy and bursting with flavors. It’s my go-to for Tom Yum and Green Chicken Curry.  Truth is, we were just actually there last night stuffing our faces with those and I’m still on a Thai food high. Hehe! If Thai food isn’t your thing, they serve Indonesian food too. Mmm, satay! The only thing I don’t like is their tagline:- Thairrific meets Indolicious. No, just no. I mean, yeah, it’s a good pun, I would use it, but it doesn’t really align with the whole identity emitted by the brand and its interiors. ANYWAY! Time for me to make you hungry now. Check out the photos compiled from our previous visits.

What about you? Do you like Thai food? Any food cravings at the moment? Let me know below!
BaliThai is located at #02-11 112 East Coast Road, Singapore 428802


A quick blog post before I shut my laptop off and shun human contact for the next 12 or so hours. My sore throat has evolved to loss of voice and now to fever symptoms. Word of advice, NEVER google how you’re feeling. I just did and I’m kinda freaking out now. Anyway, I’m just gonna sleep this off and hope for a better.. tomorrow. HAHA! But yes, back to my quick post. I was craving for mexican food the other night when Luke mentioned seeing a taqueria at Star Vista when he was there for work. I rarely go to the west but hey, our schedules were free, we had no plans, and I really wanted mexican food (hehe!), so off we ventured to Buonavista to check out Guzman y Gomez.

Luke opted for the burrito bowl while I went for their soft tacos. The portions were quite generous! The slow roasted beef was seasoned well although I didn’t really fancy the tortilla as it was tasteless and crumbles easily. The grilled chicken burrito bowl was also a bit bland in the beginning, but there’s a sauce station that you can advantage of. And oh, make sure to add-on guacamole for extra flavor. On a whole, it was okay with a lot of room for improvement. I am still on the hunt for the best Mexican food in Singapore. Suggestions, please!

And oh, the Paul McCartney quote is from the Swee Lee store wall. Not only did I match it color-scheme wise, the words resonated with me too. Of course for me, instead of a piece of music, I mean a written piece. I’m currently working on a bunch of personal projects (with crazy prospects), and that’s really exciting! Will be elaborating on it once it materializes, but in the meantime, let’s continue doing great things and making ART.  Golden nights for creativity, fun, and hopefully Mexican food ahead! Must feel better soon. But hey, uninterrupted sleep is also golden, right?

Cheers to the coming weekend! Good night, luvs!

{SM Markus cut offs, Converse sneakers, Primark bag}


Backlog, schmacklog, I’m gonna dive in on a super recent post. As recent as this afternoon when Luke and I went to The Coastal Settlement for late lunch. Bad idea coz we had a steamboat gathering. In our defense, we thought eating would start later on, hehe! When we got to our seats, we were informed that it was last call for brunch. Then the sudden realization – it’s been a while since we had brunch and yes, that got me pretty excited.

It wasn’t love at first bite for me and Coastal Settlement. Its proximity to the office and my house led me to returning to a cafe that I didn’t particularly fancy, which turned out to be a good thing. After several trials and errors, I finally learned that I’ve just been ordering the wrong thing. Now I come back for the food just as much as its ambience.

A colorful beetle parked outside greets you when you first arrive. It’s a preview of the hodgepodge of vintage memorabilia lining the interiors. It’s quite entertaining to look at but I much prefer the sitting area by the windows. Less memorabilia, but more light. Yes, please.

See, so pretty! It’s more minimalist and less cluttered, and again, more light. I didn’t take photos of the other section, the one with vintage memorabilia, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or check their website, hehe

And the best part from sitting there was being across this gorgeous bar. Love the balance of oriental and industrial influence mixed with minimalist and lavish elements. Geometric stools with crystal chandeliers? Wood and metal? Why not?!

Starting of with Wild Mushroom Soup which smelled so good and truffle-y upon arriving. It doesn’t have cream so the mushroom taste may be a bit strong but the consistency was sooo smooth that it didn’t bother me as much as it normally would.

We also ordered the Tomato, Burrata, Prosciutto which came to be more salad. The burrata, the main reason we ordered this, left more to be desired. It was dry and bland. 🙁 But the prosciutto was its saving grace!

Chicken and Waffles in Singapore is a hit or miss. I thought this would be a miss when I tasted the elements on its own, but when I put the bourbon maple syrup?! DAMN. It elevated the dish 100 levels. The syrup was soooo good. The waffle and the chicken became a million times better. It suddenly made sense! Hehe! A hit, definitely a hit!

And the main reason we went to TSC? Their burger. For brunch, they were serving up the Breakfast Burger comprising of a wagyu beef patty with bacon, smoked cheddar, onions and tomatoes. Lucky they split the burger for us! We realized we over-ordered when both the mains had half-portion leftovers. So suffice to say, I didn’t get to taste this (even if it was the reason we went all the way there 😐 ). Luke said the normal, non-brunch burger was better. I’ll let you know once we eat our takeaway, hehe!

All in all, it was a good brunch date with this guy. 😉 It’s a bit pricey, but once in a while, it’s fine. And hey, it covered our brunch and supper.

What about you? What are your go to brunch spots? Let me have your recommendations, whatever city you’re in. 😉

The Coastal Settlement is located at 200 Netheravon Road, Singapore 508529