January 25, 2015


Hello, Macau! My mom and I wasted no time upon arriving in this little island. Chucked our bags in our cozy inn and spent our first evening strolling through Senado Square, eating some good ol' Mc Donald's, and "trying" as many Portuguese egg tarts as I could. It was an affirmation that I made the right choice because prior to booking, I spent a huge chunk of time deciding if we should stay in the Macau Peninsula or the Cotai side. For one thing, Cotai is much more modern, boasting of the city's newest and latest, but my inner-European sensibilities got the better of me. Cobblestones? Intricate architecture? I'M SO IN! 



I am currently feeling like a flaming ball of inspiration and motivation. I wish I could say it's because of my positive socio-cultural effect on those around me, but it's actually a lot simpler and in a very micro level: I have been feeling good about myself. Sure, I reached the end of my rope just a few days ago, and yes, I was so pissed to the point that my emotions almost overtook logic.. but after silently consoling myself and forcing myself to breathe and carry on - I found out I was capable of so much more. Now isn't that a nice thought?

Being surrounded by direct and indirect encouragement (believe me, there's a lot that goes around in this world), I was able to streamline my thoughts and focus on hard hitting matters such as: what do I want out of life?, Am I in a position that aligns with that goal?, What am I doing about it? Add the Pope in the equation and you summon the bright eyed, optimistic, idealist I once was. And believe me, this girl is damn persistent and delivers really persuasive arguments. It was awfully nice to have her back. I don't think I'll let her go anytime soon.