Wednesday, July 27, 2016


{Temt top, H&M pants, Zara bag, CLN sandals}

Oh my God, what happened to July!? It REALLY whizzed on by! Who would've thought that we'd see Hiddleswift and Kim's exposé!? Hahahaha Just kidding. That's not the path I'd want to go into for this (long overdue) blog post. But if you wanna discuss it, feel free to message me, lol. But I'd probably enjoy it more if we talk about President Duterte's SONA. Starting off with how awesome Gina Lopez is for DENR, how inspired I am by our president, and how there were still people who ignored the freakin' dress code.


July has been one crazy month. For starters, I've spent the past 3 weekends out of town - Boracay, Bataan, and Cebu. Two Mondays of which were spent sick in bed, with the last one extending until the Thursday I had to fly out. Guys, seriously, Conzace - best for recovery! And Fern-C if it's just starting out. Haha! I've also started working! I know I said I would pursue a different industry, but guess what, I'm back in logistics. At the same company at that. I mean, yeah, now it's Manila. So it's an all new learning curve for me, but hey, we'll see how it goes. Like I said, it's the side of the industry that I enjoy so I'm very optimistic. Although it entails a long ass commute. One of which was when I spent a Friday afternoon stressing about the coding window closing, only to be talked sense into by Mang Loloy that  yaaaa-huh, I'm not gonna die if the window closes in on me. I'm just gonna need to pay the fine and collect my license from City Hall, if ever, but other than that? I wasn't gonna die or anything serious. Yeah, it's a hassle but, what to do?! Traffic, eh. And it's not like I can ditch work altogether. It was a good realization that sometimes shit happens. As much as you try to avoid it, sometimes it's bound to happen. You just roll with the punches because sometimes what you're worried about doesn't have any concrete basis.. and that your worries are far scarier than the actual reality. 

The above photos were snapped by my fashion mentor (and mother in general!), Luis, when we were in Cebu for Ayala's Style Origin. Can you believe that it has been ongoing for 5 years now AND that we were part of the FIRST one?! It was great to do fashion again after 4 years away. The high after a show?! PRICELESS. It was also a reminder that I shouldn't stop pursuing things that make me happy.  That I should find ways to make time and balance everything that feeds my soul. And making sure that I'm not neglecting my health and body, as my parents have been constantly lecturing me this month. It's not fun being sick!!! (But it is fun to spend time with friends and family! In my defense, I've been away from Manila for 4 YEARS and I am dying to catch up with everyone, even if it means foregoing rest. It's like runner's high, you don't feel tired until after, haha! I WILL DO BETTER BALANCING THIS FRONT, PROMISE!!!)

What about you!? This catch up shouldn't be one-sided! Let me know what you've been up to or simply link me your latest blog post below. I'd love to hear about how your month is going! Or maybe let's exchange Snapchat ids? Mine is heyrocketgirl. I'm flying to Singapore tomorrow so that should mean more interesting snaps.

And just when you thought that this post couldn't be any more longer, here's my current LSS and the namesake of this blog post.

Friday, July 1, 2016



Currently No. 15:- WHATTUP JULY!!!!! It's officially the beginning of the second half of the year and I couldn't be more pumped! Definitely started it on a high note - I drove again after how many years (!) from my house to the GYM. It may only have been 2.2 km (I checked Google Maps, haha!) but it was the longest 2.2 km of my life with jeepneys, tricycles and that stressful EDSA U-Turn + sudden left to Timog Ave. But I made it! The same couldn't be said regarding my actual workout, hahaha! I did 1 instead of 3 rounds but I promise to do better tomorrow. Let's do this gradually. Learn to listen to your body or else have another blackout, hahaha With that said, my unfit butt let Mang Loloy drive on the way back. And funny story, we wore matching colors today. It's not even the common colors like red or blue or black. It was... NEON GREEN. Hahahah

About Cusp Signs. I've never fully identified myself as a Capricorn and it actually makes sense coz being born on January 17 means that I am also influenced by Aquarius. I know not a lot of people care about zodiac signs and what not, but I always find it interesting to read up on. Yes, we make our own destinies. And yes, I still feel that the universe and its energies can affect us.

A proposed travel itinerary including daily schedule and expenses. I AM SO EXCITED! Spoiler alert: my mom and I won't be pushing through our Spain-Italy travel plans from last year, BUT something else is in the works. So, yay!

Open Arms by RKCB x Demo Taped - super chill music! Will you be my shelter? Will you be my open arms?♬

Will you be my shelter? Will you be my open arms?♬ - CHOS! If I could squeeze in 2 blog posts for tonight before I leave. We'll all find out later! (Side note: I wasn't able to finish even 1! I'm at Ingrid's place finishing this up, haha!)

Excited for later! Going to see my Singapore CQ gang - the best wing team in the history of Ladies' Night. Hahaha!

Being able to spend time with my favorite people, catching up, laughing at how silly we were and at the same time recognizing each other's personal growth. Cue in One Direction here, "you and me got a whole lot of history!!!"

To work on the best version of myself. This 2016 second half will be dedicated committed to that.

Discipline to sustain the above.

For a smooth, peaceful, and prosperous next 6 years under President Duterte and Vice President Robredo. Go Philippines!!!

Anyway, happy Friday guys!

PS- the photo above was taken outside our house. Cool, noh?! Or not. Maybe it's a hazard? And yeah, in case you're from Singapore and you're wondering what that is - power lines. Or maybe telephone. But anyway, my point is, in Singapore, all cables are underground. Also cool. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016



Just so I wouldn't end up titling this blog post "Barkada Beach Day" (shout out to post before this one: Ballet Day, hahaha), I thought I'd put something seemingly random and hopefully find the creativity to tie it all in later. Post title is a reference to the Click 5 song that is now a staple in our barkada soundtrack. It was the "it song" back in 2007 so during our beach day back then (photo below!), it would play again and again on the radio. We ended up memorizing the song and even substituting our names in the chorus using different barok accents, hahaha! It's one of the silly (YET SUPER FUN!) things you can only come up with your bestest girl friends.

I mentioned here that I went to Pico de Loro for some much needed girl time last week. The photos are a bit deceiving coz you'd think we spent the whole 2 days and 2 nights at the beach but in reality, half the time was spent indoors chilling and catching up. OMG, you know we even had a MIDNIGHT ZUMBA SESSION?! Hahahaha! My favorite part of the trip would have to be chatting up a storm in the pool until the lifeguards had to shoo us away, though. GOOD TIMES!!! Wish we were complete though!! Anyway, scroll down to see some beach side snaps (coz the rest of the time, we were too busy to take photos, haha!)

ANDDD, oh, something I learned from the trip: women's bodies come in all shapes and sizes and it's funny how we all end up equally wanting features we don't have. So learn to love yourself and if you really want to, work on things you want to improve on. Tomorrow's the end of my "bed rest" and I am looking forward to some physical activity.  You can check out my thinspiration below, hahaha!

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