02 September 2015



Sooo.. yeah. I've been MIA for almost a week. The reason? I've been catching up on movies. In a span of 7 days I've watched 10 movies - 8 from the comforts of my bed, and 2 in the cinema. To justify this indulgence (that led me to ignoring other facets of my life), I decided to string up a blog post using the lessons and insights I've gained from doing so. See, it's not all useless. I may not have found a new favorite movie in this selection, but at least I got a blog entry. Woot, woot!

Warning: the below post may contain spoilers (although I doubt that these are still considered spoilers since I've watched them way after the premiere, haha!)

Starting off with:


The truth is, we don't grow the same pace as everyone in our lives. Sometimes our paths even veer off. It's sad but like what Keira Knightley's character said, "I'm a snake that's been dragging my old skin around with me for way too long." It's not a pretty sight and honestly, you end up doing more harm than good to yourself and the people around you. 


Alec (Miles Teller) doesn't exactly win boyfriend of the year but awesome break up line. Sometimes we settle not because we don't want anything else, but for fear that what we want doesn't exist. I second the character's sentiments on this one, "I think it does."


Here we see someone (Captain AmericaChris Evans) who doesn't do love, fall head over heels madly in love with a girl. At the end of the day, aren't we all just trying to find and keep our best match? And by best match, I mean someone who not necessarily is perfect but someone who seamlessly complements our quirks coz "he might check off on all boxes, but you can't plan happiness".  


This is supposed to be a parody of rom-coms. I get it, rom-coms are silly. But I still love them. And I still think that art imitates life and that it is possible to get that epic love story. 


Maybe what I should've gotten from this movie was that we control our destinies.. But the scene when "he loves orchids" became the light bulb moment was just too forced. 


The trailer got me really excited for this one. Sadly, the actual movie wasn't really interesting for me. What I learned though was outside the plot - white washing. It's this thing in Hollywood where they cast a white person for an ethnic role. Case in point, Emma Stone as Allison Ng. Another example, Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily.


Another important issue tackled in my movie binge was how people of a certain type (gender, size, race, etc) end up actually believing the limitations other people have set upon them. You are not what everybody tells you you are. The best person to define yourself is yourself. Act accordingly.


This line, from Tuck's letter to Amanda (Michelle Monaghan) really got me weeping. Because, waaah. I felt like he was talking to me. This is your typical Nicholas Sparks movie, tearjerker as hell although the ending was rather predictable if you're had your share of Nicholas Sparks. Why'd this line strike me? Because....


I'm the kind of person who'd rather be happy than sad. That means not dwelling on my hurts, and more often than not, that means shoving pain under the rug. But like Joy's realization, it's when you're sad that people actually help you to be happy again. Sadness is just as valid as joy. It's not any less of an emotion and it's OKAY to feel it!


Time and again, wars have been waged over women. Emily Ratajkowski is Hollywood's Helen of Troy, haha Having a solid group of friends makes wars more bearable and even life more colorful. But importantly, Johnny Drama CAN act! And he won a Golden Globe too! Anything is possible!!! :D Even a big TV show can end up being a flop on the big screen. :|

But really, the biggest lesson I learned is how easy it is to drop aside everything for distraction something you shouldn't really be doing. It's not important but somehow, it becomes top priority not because there's nothing else to do but because you really want to do it. So better do it instead of ignoring the urge and then going all-out. Binge eating after dieting? Chain reading after months of not holding a book? Going on unhealthy TV show marathons? Do it gradually, or else risk the downward spiral. And believe me, it's not all that unlikely especially for someone like me, who enjoys being a hermit and vanishing from the outside world.

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24 August 2015



I am far from having everything figured out. But if there's one thing my twenty-six years of existence has taught me, it's to listen to my body. Four years ago, I would've pushed myself to my breaking point before slowing down. I know better now. Take that, germs! I lost one day but at least I won't be losing a week. The doctor said stress may be aggravating my sinusitis, hence the piercing headaches behind my eyebrows. I know I should stop worrying about things not in my immediate future, but I can't. Maybe it's another sign of growing older, this want of control over what's to come. Funny enough, it goes full circle. When I'm having trouble with decisions or my courage to follow through falls short, I just need to pay attention to my breath and listen to my gut. Coz the thing is, as much as I know my body, my body knows me even better.

And no, my hair did not miraculously grow long again. These were taken some time back. ;)

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23 August 2015



This Sunday hasn't been ideal. Coughing spells and a splitting headache has pretty much confined me to bed. Not that I don't like naps, it's just that it's Sunday, one of the few days I have completely to myself. And I'm sleeping its precious hours away. :( This got me wishfully thinking of how I would've loved to spend today. Scrolling through my files gave me this. Throwback to the last day of 2014, a Wednesday, but nonetheless still very Sunday-y. 

Starting off with some belly rubs and morning kisses from the doggies...

Followed by some milk tea goodness from Zen Tea before heading off to lunch..


Filipino lunch at my favorite Dencio's for some kare-kare, inihaw na pusit (grilled squid), and my ultimate love: sisig

I say favorite Dencio's because it overlooks this view. So much good memories in this place ;)

It doesn't hurt that I'm surrounded by my favorite people ;)

We followed up our meal with desserts from... Jack's Loft. (Sooo high school!!! Hehe!)

Love, love, love this woman! She literally is one of those friends that's turned into family ♥︎

Together with my super cool mom :)

A group shot before we leave.

Really glad to be showing this boy around Manila. :D

And of course, what's Sunday without a Sunday dinner with the family?? :) Below is the New Year's Eve version, but don't get me wrong, our weekly dinners are not far from this. It's seriously one of the things I really miss about living in Manila.

I hope your Sunday is going well! Here's to wishing to be always surrounded by people you love and good food. :) 

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22 August 2015



I don't have enough mornings to wake up slow. Most mornings I wake up rushing because I couldn't get up earlier. Waking up with no alarm, feeling refreshed and plain old excited for the upcoming day is an underrated luxury that I don't seem to have enough of. I miss university days when my first class is at 10:30am. I'd wake up, without a struggle(!), at 9am, take a shower and have a proper breakfast before happily going off to campus to feed my curious mind and hangout with my awesome friends. Ahhh, those were the days! :) Luckily, there's always the weekend. Wake up slow, laze in bed, and then get up for breakfast. Sure recipe to a great day ahead! Throw in some Jack Johnson and you're all set. ;)

Below are photos from one such morning. Unfortunately, this breakfast nook of ours has already closed down! :( In loving memory of Strictly Pancakes Siglap, gone too soon.


Have a great weekend!

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