April 27, 2015



I am a fan of dampa. It's straightforward, no frills, and you can be assured that the food is always fresh. It's not the most glamorous, but it does boast of authentic and delicious Filipino food that does not hurt your wallet. What is dampa anyway? Literally speaking, it's a wet market selling seafood and the like but it is now more commonly used to refer to the food court beside these markets. You get to choose your ingredients from the market stalls and they'll cook it for you. I'm not sure if you can still do the shopping yourself (previously you can), but I think eating at dampa is pretty much eating at the market. This particular one, TBS Blue Corner, is located in Sta. Rosa, behind the outlets of Paseo de Sta Rosa and it has got to be my favorite in the whole of Luzon. The food is really good and it was the perfect stopover before braving the holiday traffic going up Tagaytay. (Heads up, this post might make you hungry..)

April 26, 2015


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After going to Ateneo, Luke and I headed over to SM Aura. It was both our first time there so we just walked around and played by the Giant Dandelion installation on the rooftop since we both weren't that keen on shopping. I do understand, however, why it has become almost everyone's favorite mall. Big brands, great selections, and not so much people - shopping heaven!

I was teasing him that it doesn't look like he's left Singapore in this photo. It could've easily been taken in one the residential towns. :))

So anyway, we went around a bit before finally deciding to try Kettle because it looked so cute, haha #superficial

April 24, 2015



I've gushed countless times about how Gesu has been my base (recap here) so during my recent trip to Manila, I knew I had to pop by and show Luke around.

Being back in Ateneo felt different. I guess my expectations were too high. To give you a bit of background, I cried when I passed the ACET. First time in my life to ever cry tears of joy, haha. And it didn't end there - I still remember the time I went to campus to get my ID photo taken before the beginning of the semester, my heart was literally jumping. Then came the "normal" school days in which I fell in love with Ateneo - the campus, the people, what it stood for - even more. Simply put, I'm your quintessential Ateneo fan girl. During this visit though, I didn't quite feel like this is the place where we belong♫. 

April 20, 2015

ROADTRIP UP NORTH: Dagupan, Manaoag, and Clark

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Such a gorgeous sunset, noh? This was taken from our recent road trip to the North of Luzon. I almost missed it had I not woken up momentarily from my nap and saw Luke busy snapping these. No wonder he was so excited, the sky had decided to show off. :) It was a really enjoyable trip with the family (except for the traffic, but hey, at least we got to catch up on sleep!). Our itinerary for the day included 3 stops - Dagupan, Manaoag, and Clark. And since it's been so long since my last road trip photo diary, I thought I'd take you for a ride. #WowPhilippines :p