March 30, 2015



I often tell my boyfriend how glad I am that he loves Japanese food. Mostly because there are times we can't think of what to have for dinner that we end up going on our default mode - even if we just had Japanese a couple of nights ago. The other times because it makes me certain that he'll get along with my family well. You are what you eat, right? ;) Whenever I see my family discussing where to have Sunday dinner on Viber, I always get a teeny bit jealous because I'm not able to join them for a yummy meal, and of course, the always laugh trip family bonding. That's why I was really happy to have joined them for a meal at Nihon Bashitei. I have been to Nihon Bashitei previously but have never tried the Spicy Tuna Sashimi (above) that my relatives have been raving about. Now slapping myself for not trying it earlier, haha!



When I was in Manila a couple of months back, I made sure to visit some of my favorite local places - one of which was Cibo. My siblings and I had lunch over contemporary Italian food, and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and wished I could take this outlet with me to Singapore (preferably outside my house, haha).

March 28, 2015



There are times when going through everyday feels more of a routine than actual living. I hate that feeling!!! You only get one life and you won't be able to take back the days so it's crucial to strive to make every-damn-day count. But with jobs and responsibilities, it isn't as easy for most people to YOLO while earning a living. You can, however, break the monotony and inject some excitement by varying the elements in the said routine. Start small - tea instead of coffee, buy food from a different place, wear something you fancy even if it's not your normal style. It's these small things that reaffirm our control of what goes on in our lives and not the other way around. Remember, it is our choices that define us, not our circumstances. So when life seems "mundane", "boring", or  even "shitty", do something about it. Even if it's just a quick detour in East Coast Park to catch the sunset and take photos. ;)

March 27, 2015


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Thank you Facebook friends for reminding me that it's been 5 years since graduation. It has been a crazy half-decade! If you would've asked me then where I think I'll be now, I'm sure I'll get 95% wrong. Life turned out differently for me. It took me to places I didn't expect I would go and even to places I've never heard of before. Who would've thought that an AB Psych major with a random ass minor in French, would enter fashion, go on hiatus to facilitate youth empowerment workshops in Bialystok, go back home, only to leave it for a logistics job 3 hours away from Manila? I certainly didn't picture that.