31 July 2015


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Although I haven't been consistent, here's this week's Friday’s 10 Happy Things:

1. This week, we welcomed my second nephew - Max Maarten Howard. If that's not happy enough, I don't know what is!

2. Lufthansa's SG50 4-day Sale. This is probably the cheapest roundtrip flight to Europe that I've ever found. As in EVER. As soon as I saw it, I went buzzing 'round the office coz I couldn't contain my excitement! I am *this* close to just blindly book myself a trip.

3. Messed up as it is, UnREAL makes me happy. It's about the drama behind reality TV dating shows - it's so addicting! And, Adam?! Damnnnn. Super love Shiri Appleby too! She was my favorite as Liz from Roswell. It's nice to see her on TV again (nope, being Adam from Girls' ex-girlfriend doesn't count!). Quinn is such a character too! OMG, I can't wait for the finale!!!!

4. Catching tomorrow's National Day Parade rehearsals! Tickets are very hard to get so I'm really stoked we get to watch even if it isn't on the day itself.

5. People saying that I lost weight. Hehe! Shallow as it is, this makes me really happy. :)

6. Rockin1000's Learn To Fly video. Super good vibes! Please Foo Fighters, go visit Italy!!

7. I've mentioned this a couple of times before on the blog (and more on Twitter), but Momentum Dash is really awesome. Seeing the view and reading the quote really makes my mornings. The cover picture above was actually from today's screen. :)

8.Today is St. Ignatius' day. He's the founder of my favorite religious order (Society of Jesus) and patron saint of my alma mater (Ateneo de Manila), and according to my college blockmate's Facebook post, he uttered these brilliant words: Go forth and set the world on fire.

9. Good conversations over an equally good meal. Glad to have an abundance of those this week.

10. Finally being content with just chilling at home. For the longest time, I couldn't sit still whenever I'm at home. Especially if it's the weekend and my friends are out. But now I've been more and more *dun dun dun* at home with being home. I think my mom will be proud! ;P

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your weekend and have a great August!

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29 July 2015


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Currently No. 07   

I just finished Love by the Book by Melissa Pimentel. Interesting concept but I think I've maxed out my chick lit quota for now. Interesting to note that when I caught up with Honey a few weeks back, she was reading the same book! :)

A very important piece, at least for me, about my type of writing. I'll let you know once it's out!

To my iPhone on Shuffle. For some reason, I like it better when the music isn't coming from my laptop when I'm typing something. It's currently blasting Stories by Trapt, but I took so long answering this question that it's now playing Angel by Akon. Random fact, this used to be my alarm. :P

That I should've ordered Dark Places from Amazon, too. I was a bit hesitant in getting it so I checked my basket out without it. Turns out it would've been cheaper (shipping + taxes) if I bundled it with my existing order. I guess it's back to hunting it down here in Singapore.

Chill. The photo above was taken just now. :) Love how yellow lights can instantly change the mood! Throw in some scented candles and I've turned my room into a den of relaxation. Well, almost. Read on below...

That I'm not behind on my laundry. I'm not a big fan of doing it, but it never fails to give me a sense of accomplishment once done. Now to return everything to the cupboard...

More hours in the evening. I've only been home for what feels like an hour and now it's time to sleep?! So soon!? But I want to do so much more things! Aiyoooooo. 

To spring clean my room. I've been doing bouts of it recently but I really need to do a major, all-out, ruthless decluttering. Like what Marie Kondo said in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, do it right once and you're set for life. I really should stop holding on to random junk and just cling to things that make me happy! (I applied this method to my iTunes and in fairness, listening to it has been more enjoyable. No need to skip songs that I don't love!)

For more hours in the evening. And the will to weed out both unnecessary and excess stuff lying in my room. (I mean seriously, my dead Macbook is still taking up precious space. I mean it was precious, yes, but in its state now? Not so much. But aaah, sentimental value. And I've got at least a dozen paper bags tucked under my desk. For what, Reg?! For what!?!! )

Aghh, but for now, it's time to sleep. Tomorrow's Thursday!! The weekend is just around the corner! I think I should allot it for my spring cleaning. Or better yet, allot it for relaxation. *evil laugh* Just kidding! (Or not.) What do you think? :)

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27 July 2015


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Because apparently, tying a sweater around your waist will instantly make your look 90s. Hehe! :p But kidding aside, it's a great move for when you're scantily clad and wouldn't dare wearing that said sweater because you live in Singapore and it's burning hot outside. And I don't care, I like brown tones with black. Except for my hair. But fret not, this has long since been set right. Now strategizing on how to healthily grow out and tousle my locks again. Coz if I'm being completely honest, it's the best accessory a girl can have. And if you insist that it's the skin, I'm gonna leave you with a long-ass rant about how your skin is more than a freakin' accessory! Anyway, enough with me butting in your skincare regimen (which reminds me... *grabs moisturizer*), here's a song. Because all I can do is just pour some tea for two and speak my point of view, but it's not sane.

Here's to a great week ahead of us!

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24 July 2015


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How's your Friday going? Mine is going really well. It's 10pm and I'm in bed, listening to Spotify and blogging. So happening, non? But at least I'm doing so in a rather spacious and comfy hotel room. The perks of my mom being in Singapore on business! :P Figured it's time to do a flashback Friday entry (a much nicer sounding term than "backlog", haha!). So here it is, a feel good slash foodie entry of that beautiful afternoon in Manila when my high school barkada (group of friends) met up for merienda (afternoon snack) with the men in our lives (naks!). It has to be noted that this was a momentous occasion since it's our first ever quadruple date! The last time we were all out with dates was during prom, hahaha! :) We decided to do it in Cafe Juanita in Kapitolyo but when we got there, it turns out it wouldn't open until dinner time. Luckily, just beside it was Breakfast @ Juanita

Breakfast @ Juanita is located at 17 West capitol Drive, Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines 1600

We were greeted by these stuffed toys upon entering, an immediate indication that this wasn't Cafe Juanita. Don't get me wrong though, Breakfast @ Juanita has the same eclectic charm, but it was more casual than its sophisticated sister. 

Check out those gizmos and gadgets aplenty. We ended up debating on how they accumulated all those stuff. Were they collections to begin with or were they like, okay vintage is cool, let's find stuff to put on display? My theory is that this used to be a vintage shop and they just converted it into a restaurant. :p Anyone willing to shed some light on this? 

Needless to say, my boyfriend and I were the first to arrive - TO MY DISBELIEF. Hahaha! We have gotten used to Singapore timing. But fair enough, Manila traffic is just always unbelievable.

Made a friend in the other table while waiting, zzzz! Just kidding, it wasn't so bad. My friends arrived soon enough and we proceeded with "merienda". The reason I put quotation marks around it is because it was so much more than a snack. It was a legit meal. And the best part is, Luke and I just came from here! I swear, we did nothing but eat when we were in Manila. Filipino food rockssss! Hahaha! Here's what we had:


US Beef Tapa.

Two-Way Pork Adobo Ribs. Ugggh, saraaaap! :)

Pizza Juanita.

A picture of everyone that afternoon! A prized photo if I must say. :) This was primarily supposed to be a foodie entry but I didn't even elaborate on the dishes. The food was okay, but more than anything, what I got out of this merienda was the realization of how much I love my friends. And how, I hope I don't jinx this or anything, glad I am that everyone is with someone equally great. I can't wait til February when we'll all be together again! The last time we, girls, were complete was back in 2012. And in 6 months, one of us will get married! aHsfihweflknf I cannot believe how fast time flies!!! Take me back to 2004!! Damn flashback Friday made me flashback so much back in the past. *cues in Stop This Train* PS- Why is there a John Mayer song for every darn twenty-something moment?!?! Hahaha!

Have a good weekend, guys!

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