September 29, 2014


{wearing: trf jacket, express top, skirt from Far East Plaza, sandals from Bangkok}

I have found the not-so-secret way to beat the Monday blues, or any other blues in particular: Have something to look forward to. Be it a yummy breakfast (even 3-in-1 hazelnut coffee does the trick for me), a preselected cute outfit to start the week, or even a not-so-near holiday; it's always easier to get out of bed knowing something amazing is in store for you. If all else fails, wake up knowing you have another chance to share your awesomeness to the world. Nobody said great things are limited to the external world! Yes, darling, I'm referring to that great, fabulous you. ;)

Happy Monday, everyone!


September 26, 2014

HIGHSCHOOL PLAYLIST #1: Loud Popish-Punkish Music

I've been meaning to recreate my high school playlist for a while now but I've always been lazy coz I've never actually synched my iTunes in this laptop. However, since it's Flashback Friday and I've finally took time to organize my music, tadaaa! I present to you a slice of my then iPod Photo :p Found it fitting to make this blog post's photo a collage of my high school selfies because a) a use for my countless "vain pics", finally! and b) to prove to my boyfriend that I WAS NOT AN UGLY DUCKLING! Hahahaha! My musical preference at that time mainly centered around alternative rock with touches of popish-punkish music here and there. After all, how can you not expect so-called "noisy music" from a high school student?! I'll post the less angsty ones next time, but for now, let's enjoy singing (or screaming) out loud to these 12 tracks. 

♬ Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard

♬ Mr Brightside - The Killers

♬ Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional

♬ I'd Do Anything- Simple Plan

♬ First Date - Blink 182

♬ Sugar, We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy

♬ Memory - Sugarcult

♬ Letters to You - Finch

♬ Punk Rock Princess - Something Corporate

♬ I Caught Fire - The Used

♬ Cute Without the E - Taking Back Sunday

♬ Swing Swing - The All-American Rejects