July 28, 2014


{wearing: south haven skirt, charles&keith pumps}

Okay, so it wasn't so much as being on top of the world. It was more of being inside the Singapore Flyer and getting a bird's eye view of the city. It was an experience, not one you'd miss half your life of if you don't do it, but an experience nonetheless. Booked the High Tea Flight coz I was scared it might get boring so at least there'll be something to munch if it does (foodie logic, what can I say). Based on that ride, I would suggest you just take the normal capsule, or go all-out and have dinner (let me know how it goes!). The bites were okay, I especially liked the tuna, but the extra you pay isn't really worth it especially if you're with a group that literally charged to the limited spread the moment the capsule inched off. Space wise, there were roughly a dozen of us. It seemed like a good thing considering we saw a capsule with what looked like 20 people crammed in it. But then again, we saw another capsule with about 4 people (see above photo). Not sure if it was a private capsule, but again, I think you'd be better off trying your luck by taking the normal flight at off-peak hours.

Being at such a height is always humbling for me. Seeing everything so small yet at the same time so vast is just - wow. The Singapore Flyer momentarily allowed me that same jolt of excitement I get from riding airplanes. I didn't get to travel miles, but they will see us waving from such great heights, Come down now, they'll say. But everything looks perfect from far away, Come down now but we'll stay ♬ 

...actually, I take it back. I was on top of the world. ♥︎


July 26, 2014


Have you ever wanted to like a place so much because of its cool interiors, promising menu, and hip playlist only to be disappointed when the food comes? That was the case for Poppies over at Upper East Coast Road. With its white walls, red accents and dark wood furniture, it's impossible not to take a second look at this bistro-bar. The bright and airy atmosphere is terribly inviting; I was sold with the interiors alone. That extra push, however, came from the chalk signboard that says BRUNCH and the amount of diners inside. I though it'd be a given that I'd end up loving Poppies so much and be a regular; I really wanted to enjoy my food. 

I ordered The Big Breakfast and I was thoroughly disappointed. It was bland beyond words and I found it way overpriced. Maybe the ambience had set me up to expect so much more from their kitchen. Maybe I ordered the wrong dish. Maybe the food cooled exponentially when I snapped this one photo. I would never find out as I'm pretty sure I won't be ordering the same thing if I ever come back.

We then walked over to Craftsmen Specialty Coffee for a quick caffeine fix. Craftsmen is a quaint cafe that looks somewhat identical to all the other cafes popping up - chalk boards, visible pipes, cement floors, and wooden furniture. But I'm not complaining, I'm a fan of the homey-industrial theme that's currently trending.

We had iced lattes to go and their coffee was not bad. What I would like to come back for though is their food display case. They sell a variety of pastries and cakes to go along your cuppa joe (or cuppa tea) and from the looks of it, its pretty appetizing. 

Anyone been to the above places? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the comment box below.