September 2, 2014


{wearing: plf kimono, pen shoppe dress, rubi sandals}

Here's a little September playlist for you guys. No, it doesn't contain the two iconic tracks associated with this month but it gives a (somewhat) homage to it. A mix of upbeat tracks to help you get out of bed and face the not necessarily dreadful, but extremely chill and lazy holiday-y -ber months. Wake me up when this month ends? No thanks, I'd rather be ba de ya dancing in September instead!

Give it a listen on 8tracks or go through the tracks below. Enjoy!

Dreaming - Smallpools

If You Wanna - The Vaccines

I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You - Black Kids

Little Games - The Colourist

If So - Atlas Genius

Techno Fan - The Wombats

I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers

San Francisco - Mowgli's

Geronimo - Sheppard

Tongue Tied - Grouplove


August 31, 2014


{wearing: vintage dress used as top, southaven skirt, }

When was the last time you read the news? No, Hollywood and gossip columns don't count. I'll make a harsh generalisation and say that we're reading not as much as we should be. I don't entirely blame those who don't because for someone who has to use all her willpower to read through a full article, not to mention 2 or more, I know this is quite draining and downright depressing. But we have to. We have to be aware of what is going on in the world, not so we can ace our quizzes but so we can assess where we're needed and what do we have to do. Sometimes the news lets us pick up straightforward nuggets of wisdom - i.e.: make sure your flight path doesn't cross a rebel area; or a storm is about to hit, take protective measures. Most of the time though, it poses a challenge - what are you gonna do about it?

When was the last time you prayed? No, "Lord, sana walang traffic" doesn't count. I'll make a harsh generalisation and say that we're praying not as much as we should be. I don't entirely blame those who don't because for someone raised in this fast paced world where we can get everything in a literal snap, I know waiting for an answered prayer isn't up our alley. But we have to. Reading through the current headlines is enough to enrage anyone and wonder what the hell is wrong with us people. To give you an idea, this past couple of days, I read about the Philippines' disturbing rape numbers and I've been following the IS skirmish through the middle east (and now they're selling women too, f*ck those bastards!!!). At times, hope in our humanity is no longer enough that we need to have faith.

The reason I'm up so early on a Sunday morning is because I read this when I half-asleeply checked my phone for the time (and then Facebook. I'm lame, I know). Filipino Master Sgt. Lagmay, part of the UN Peacekeeping troops in Golan Heights, asked his wife to pray for them as they were being surrounded by rebels. This article deeply moved me because it shows the greatness of the human spirit. To put it simply, they refused to give up and they were willing to fight til the end. Their stance sparked my hope for humanity and now I'm entrusting faith to ignite it further.

I can go on all day and rant about why is the world like this?!!? or I can pray. I chose the latter one since I don't have superpowers nor the means to send additional troops and impose higher sanctions (yet). And so I humbly prayed.

A verse I learned when I was a kid immediately popped to mind: Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.* I hope you guys will take the time with me to actually pray and believe. Not just for Master Sgt. Lagmay and his troops, but the entire Middle East, and even the whole world. Like He said, ask and you shall receive.

When was the last time you believed in miracles? I think today's a good day to start.


*- John 16:24