October 19, 2014


I have a love/hate relationship with brunch. For one thing, I'm a sucker for the sweet and savoury menu that restaurants offer during this designated hour. It's almost always all my favorite things in a plate! However, establishments tend to capitalize on this wonderful delicious meal that they end up jacking the prices. Hence, it's quite a challenge to find a place that serves good food in a pretty atmosphere that doesn't make me choke upon the seeing the bill.

In my quest to find good (see my definition above) brunch places, my boyfriend and I visited House over at Dempsey. It has been mentioned in several blogs so I thought I'd pop on over to take a peek. It was as cute and charming as the pictures, airy yet quaint.

We started off with smoothies. Strawberry is on the left, strawberry pineapple on the right. It definitely put me in a good mood as the smoothies were so yummy! Who knew strawberry and pineapple made a good pairing!?

House Pancakes. Inspired by pavlovas, this rather thin stack is topped off with kiwi, passionfruit, strawberries, chantilly cream and chocolate. The chantilly cream had already broke when it was served, making it look less apetizing but we eat with our mouths and I've always loved pavlovas. I just wish the pancakes were a bit fluffier and the fruit serving more generous. 

Old-fashioned American Sliders served with sweet potato and truffle fries. The patty was decent but the blue cheese and bacon really stepped up this rather plain dish.

Opted to try their Curry fries instead of the usual truffle fries. It was okay, just okay. Looking at it, you'd think it'd be packed with flavor but in reality, it tasted weak. Best to forego this side.

So how would I rate House based on the criteria I've mentioned above? Food was so-so, ambience was nice, but low value for money. For the amount you pay, you would expect superb food and excellent service - none of which were available that day.

Maybe they were just having a bad day, but based on that experience, brunch at House is not something I would go out of the way for. 


October 17, 2014


Here's another one of my Manila trip blog posts. :) As if my lunch date with my mom and merienda with the girls wasn't enough, I went to meet my siblings and my dad after. Yup, I arrived in Manila around 10am and I only stepped foot in my house around midnight. Talk about making the most of my first day back. :p So here's a recap of the last part of my day:

Our meeting place was Mega Mall coz my sister, aside from looming, is taking up skating. The newly renovated Mega Mall is wow. Very different from what I left it.

There was a cosplay convention as well and my other sister was participating in it. My brother and I tried to look for her, to no avail, so we ended up asking random people for photos instead. We were waiting for our dad but at the last minute, he changed the meeting point to Trinoma instead. Two hours of rain and traffic later, we were greeted by this welcome sight -

We had our dinner at Kimpura wherein we availed one of their tepanyaki sets. The reason being that the previous time we went, we ordered so much that my dad commented that we might as well have gone for the tepanyaki set. 

The set was well worth it!! You can't really see it in the photos but there was a loooot of food. Green tea ice cream is alwaaaays the best ending to a japanese meal. :)

Afterwards, we went to watch Blended. Is it just me, but does Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore even age!? It's like "Robbie and Julia" and "Henry and Lucy" all over again but I'm not complaining, I love that duo. 

Blended is definitely a nice family movie to watch just as long as your kids aren't too young. It got a lot of laughs from my family and the entire Trinoma cinema (which has a pretty huge seating capacity). Perfect way to end our hodgepodge "blended" date that involved ice skating, cosplay, tepanyaki and two malls on almost the opposite sides of Edsa.