October 24, 2014


I signed up for ELLE and Shiseido's Fall/Winter 2014 beauty workshop last August and spent the whole afternoon playing with make-up and learning about skincare at the beautiful SEVIIN @ Tangs. I've always liked make-up and I think I'm pretty decent at it but I'm no Michelle Phan and I can't even come close to my friend Pooja's eyeshadow skills, so yeah, I can definitely use a beauty workshop. :) I mean, after all, there are far more worse ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.

The program was hosted by Class 95's Yasminne Cheng whose voice is as smooth and distinct in person as it is on the radio.

I'm really happy that Shiseido Singapore tackled skin care in this workshop as it's one of the things I'm currently obsessing about ever since I watched this video. The representative of Shiseido introduced their revamped skin care line called Vital Perfection. This specifically created for Asian women line boasts of the exclusive, revolutionary ingredient complex, SHISEIDO VP8 which is designed to benefit your skin's tone, texture, and contours.

What I love about this workshop is that it was hands on and we all had our "fully equipped" makeshift stations to try on ourselves the techniques that Suhaini, Shiseido's Makeup Expert, does to our model, Angela.

trying out Shiseido's moisturiser which was not bad at all! It was light and non-greasy and instantly made my skin feel soft. It's always good to start with clean and hydrated skin as base to our make-up and primer :)

Liked this angled foundation brush and that they chose the foundation color for me. Since Shiseido caters to the Asian market, there shades are much more varied and a better match to our skin. For my skin, they recommended "Natural Fair Ochre". The Sheer & Perfect foundation is lightweight and very much easy to blend, even with the corresponding cream concealer.

For the cheeks, we used Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color. I used RD103 which was aptly named, Petal. It's actually a peachy pink shade that is lighter and less orange-y in real life.

Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in its new shade Vinyl. We got to choose between Vinyl, Static and Floracouture, but Vinyl was the best match to my dress. 

Suhaini and Angela after the demonstration. Everyone in attendance agreed that Shiseido's mascara worked beyond wonders. It really made Angela's eyes pop - and ours too. 

me, after :)

All in all, I had a really fun and colorful afternoon with ELLE and Shiseido. It was a pleasure to try out their current offerings as it's designed specifically for Asians (like me!) so it's almost a given that the colors will suit our skin tone and the formulation won't negatively react to our skin. Definitely a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon. :)


October 23, 2014


{wearing: knit top from macau, cotton on shorts, sm parisian sandals}

So, I've just watched Gone Girl. Damn, that movie was intense! It was the kind of film that you go out of the cinema shaking your head not because it was a waste of money, but because it seriously made you think (aka: mind f*ck). There are many commentaries about Gone Girl but I would still like to share my 2 cents at it. No, I'm not gonna delve into the characters' psyche and relationships, instead, I'd share with you guys my realization about life and justice that has compelled me to write way past my bedtime.

My boyfriend and I were still talking about the movie on our way to the car, when I muttered *spoiler alert* I wish Amy was exposed. I mean, where's the justice in that?! 5 people (Amy included) knew the truth and yet there was nothing they could do about it. I wanted a happy ending. And this is why I'm writing. Because then and there, I was reminded that there isn't always a happy ending. We expect life to be fair, but in all honesty and humility, it is not. Good deeds go unnoticed, effort is unrewarded, love gets unrequited. Simply put, bad things happen to good people. Movies and novels typically give you an escape to a world of perfectly scripted encounters, conflicts, and resolutions but real life isn't as gracious. Gone Girl's ending perfectly captured that reality.

Although happy endings and fairness and justice aren't as commonplace as they should be, we have to believe in its possibility and continue working for it. In the words of John Lennon: "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one." Because if all of us live out a morally upright and optimistic attitude, we could break the cycle of selfishness and hate. Sure, seeing inequality and injustice can make us feel helpless and jaded at times but we have to remind ourselves of life's ultimate characteristic - it flows. It is not the end yet. And although our bodies might perish, ideas and values we have instilled in others will live on.  It is only when we lose every ounce of hope that we become goners.

And on that note, I'd like to divert our attention to Maria del Rosario Fuentes Rubio aka Felina who was killed in Mexico for trying to expose the Cartels. The group she reported for, Valor por Tamaulipas,'s statement goes: "Today Miut3 ceased to report. But what the criminals don’t know is that Miut3 is part of our soul and she will never permit us to surrender to organized crime." You can eliminate a person but extinguishing an idea is a whole different thing.